Inspiration from Ireland on Workplace Wellbeing

Did you know that Ireland was the first country in Europe to dedicate a day to workplace wellbeing?

This May 1st will be the 6th National Workplace Wellbeing Day hosted by Ibec, the Irish Business and Employers Confederation.

Over 320 different companies have signed up on to show their commitment and to share what activities they have planned for May 1st.

Ibec’s 6th National Workplace Wellbeing Day

We’ve compiled a few of the online/remote acvities planned by various companies, as these are good inspiration for HR managers and leaders looking to develop wellbeing activities – related to tackling COVID-19, or also just for ordinary times!

Being together and appreciation

  • Zoom lunch, virtual coffee breaks
  • “How well do you know your team members quiz”, charity quiz, and other live quizzes (one company mentioned they would use to host their quiz)
  • Shout outs and giving thanks to colleagues who have supported you
  • Random acts of kindness
  • Photo of your workspace

Wellbeing and mental health

  • Wellness podcasts
  • Mental health workshop
  • Photo sharing of something that is helping your wellbeing
  • Raising awareness of existing wellbeing and mental health resources in the company
  • Online meditation session
  • Online mindfulness session
  • Developing new healthy habits and creating new exercise routines
  • Wellness related gifts

Companies looking to provide mental health support may also consider Inuka’s digital mental health support solution.


  • Recipes: vegan recipes, fun recipes
  • Health Home cook-off, cooking challenges
  • Nutrition talk

Physical activity

  • Several variations on the “Lunchtime Mile”, a 1-mile cycle, jog or run close to the employee’s home office, some of them with a chance of winning a fitness watch
  • Yoga demonstrations
  • Online fitness class
  • Dance/workout session
  • Steps challenges

Taking (/giving yourself) a break

  • Daily brain teasers to allow employees to take a break from work
  • Some time off on Wellbeing Day to focus on something beneficial to your wellbeing

Tackling specific challenges

  • Financial wellness talk
  • Yoga for sleep
  • Workplace ergonomics session

Fun stuff

  • Music playlists, e.g. “Sound of Teamwork”
  • Funniest photo competition

Several companies also mentioned that they would use the occasion to highlight their existing wellbeing and mental health support resources, available year-round to employees. This is a good reminder that while the day puts a good spotlight on the topic, it is indeed important for companies to have comprehensive plans overall.

“Wellbeing is a year long commitment”

Inuka’s team of wellbeing coaches wish Irish employers and employees a great National Workplace Wellbeing Day!

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