The Inuka Coaching self scan.

The self scan is a 5 minute questionnaire to give insight for coachees and coaches, connects employees with existing organization resources, and track & measure progress of the coaching program. WHO validated, used by 100.000+ people worldwide, Inuka makes this valuable tool accessible for all.

What is the Inuka Coaching self scan?

20 simple questions to understand the risk you run at getting stuck

The scan is an anonymous, proven self-screening tool. In 5 minutes you see how much risk you run, and are matched to available organizational resources and an Inuka coach. It also takes the baseline score to measure progress & the impact of Inuka’s coaching programs.

Goals of the scan

People do the scan before and after the coaching sessions.

Like this, they are able to easily track their progress. 2 out of 3 employees leave the at-risk group and become resilient when they complete an Inuka Coaching program.

Body, energy, emotions, purpose.

The scan covers four key areas of life that predict the overall wellbeing of people.  These areas are (i) physical health, (ii) energy level, (iii) emotional health, and (iv) purpose.

Physical health

A poor physical condition is often an underestimated factor of a low wellbeing level. Within physical issues, the scan focuses on:
  • Sleep behavior
  • Pains such as headache or stomach aches
  • Tensions in the body*

Energy level

A low energy level often results in one or more of the following:
  • Problems with making decisions
  • Daily works suffers
  • Less likely to engage with colleagues or managers*

Emotional health

Emotions are a big part of how we go about during our days. Amongst others, with the self scan, people can easily discover if they are:
  • Anxious
  • Stable or turbulent
  • Stressed


Purpose in life sounds big, and yes it is big. When people feel useless or worthless, it has major effects on wellbeing. The purpose questions assess:
  • Self-actualization
  • Role in life

Background and evidence of the scan

The Inuka-scan is not a randomly developed list of questions. It uses the SRQ-20 screening tool which has been developed by the WHO, validated by universities and institutions in 20+ languages and cultures and used by 100.000+ people across the world to assess how much risk someone runs of getting stuck. Inuka has developed a more attractive format with easy to understand results to make it more accessible for everyone.

Based on the scan, people can be broadly classified as being resilient, at-risk, or in danger.


This group is capable of handling challenges on their own, but can still use a coach to improve their performance.

At risk (25%)

This group needs to change something, whether it is with an Inuka coach or not. Employees in this group are often less productive, more negative and more often sick.

Danger zone (2%)

These people are in a tough place and likely need more specialized support.

Inuka's objective:

To lower the treshold for the at risk group to get help, and coach them back to being resilient.

How it works for your organisation.

Your employees will get unlimited access to our scientifically validated self-scan and anonymously indicate how they are doing on four distinct categories of wellbeing. You (the organization) will then receive a report outlining the status of your workforce in terms of their resilience (only if >25 people answer the scan to ensure anonymity). With this report, you see what percentage of your workforce is at risk of chronic unhealthy stress, burnout, turnover or leaving the organization, how this benchmarks to other organizations and how you can prevent this from happening.

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Self scan

A 5 minute, scientifically and WHO validated questionnaire to give insight, connect to the right help and track progress.

Coaching method

Grounded in the best science out there and best described as simple, practical, and results driven. Discover our 3-step approach here.

Results & evidence

The Inuka Coaching method is grounded in science. Everything we do, we measure, analyse and improve.

Coaches & coaching academy

Learn more about our coaches, their passion to help others, our inuka academy training & quality control system - and how this results in real, lasting results.

Activation & implementation

Inuka’s aim is to reach the ~25% of employees that are struggling but not yet sick. To reach them in time, we have developed a set of science-based (and fun!) interventions.

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About the self-scan

20 questions (based on the worldwide known and proven SRQ-20 method) to find out if someone is resilient or at risk. This scan contains questions about physical health, emotional status, meaning, and energy level.

This method has been used since 1983 and was extensively developed and validated by the WHO (division of mental health) in 1994. Inuka uses a modernized version of this scan. 

Give self insight

Assess how much risk someone runs, what areas of wellbeing they score well on, and what can be improved.

The vast majority of people doesn't seek help when things aren't going so well. The scan can hold up the mirror that can trigger people to change something in their lives.

Lower the treshold to seek help.

The self scan has consistently shown to lover the threshold for people to seek help. The scan helps employees to connect with both Inuka coaches as well as existing organisational solutions based on the specific results.

Track impact of coaching

It's common practice to do the scan before every coaching session. Like this, the scan functions as a baseline. People repeat the scan over time to track their progress and make results measurable. The scans give us the insights needed to see if and how we really help people in a meaningful way.

Anonymous reporting

Another goals of the self scan is to give (anonymous) insights to organisations on the wellbeing of their employees. When more than 20 people fill in the scan, our platform will generate an anonymous report with valuable insights. Such as the percentage of people scoring high or low on different topics, and how this benchmarks against other organisations.

Insights for coaches

The self scan gives insights to the coach on what their coachee struggles with, so they can start a session well prepared. It also allows the coach to do further risk assessments if needed. 

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