Prevent burnouts, stress and dropouts

Improve the wellbeing of your employees. Within 4 online coaching sessions, 96% can cope better with problems.

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Prevent burnouts

Prevent burnouts, stress and dropouts before it’s too late. At Inuka we believe in healthcare instead of “sick”care. Each prevented burnout saves you about €60.000.

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Lower thresholds

The majority of employees who need help, don’t seek it. Lower the threshold for your employees by offering them a simple, online solution.

Increase productivitiy Inuka Coaching

Get measurable results

Within 4 Inuka sessions, 2 out of 3 employees go from the “at-risk” zone back to “resilience”. Receive monthly reports about the (mental) health of your employees.

Find out how Inuka can help you to take care of your employees and prevent stress and burnout.

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Daniëlle Brunsting

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In our organization, healthcare professionals come from different backgrounds, with different educational levels. So it was important that everyone had access to a simple yet effective solution that works for everyone with any problem. That’s where we found Inuka.”


Sander Kammenga

“Inuka is an accessible solution for employees and easy to implement. When we notice that certain employees are in a difficult situation, we have a clear place to refer them to before it is too late.”

Starting the journey to a healthier you doesn't have to be hard.

Start with a 5-min self-scan

Book a highly trained Inuka coach

See improvements in just 4 sessions*

*Based on scientific pilot of 60 users at risk or in a tough place: 82% got back to resilience within 4 InukaMethod™ sessions, also after 3 months. Inuka coaches use our coaching method grounded in problem solving therapy, that has shown to be effective for a wide range of issues, from depression, anxiety, sleep to trauma.

We are here to help you

Our experience experts guide you in your process. Meet some of our coaches.

Inuka Coach Tania


Inuka Coach

“I would like to help other with finding the balance in their lives. I know how nice it is to have a listening ear to turn to and I like to be this for others who need it.”

> More about Tania


Inuka Coach

“I have always been passionate about making a difference in people’s lives and helping them overcome their struggles.”

> More about Shruthi

Inuka Coach Anne


Inuka Coach

“I decided to become an Inuka coach because I was helped by fantastic people at crucial moments in my life. It is very satisfying to be able to pass on that gift.”

> More about Anne


Inuka Coach

“I love the prevention-focused approach. The idea that you can  help people once they start to struggle and not when it is too late.” 

> More about Livian


Inuka Coach

I have benefited greatly to be able to talk to people who helped me order my thoughts. I hope I can do the same for you too.”

> More about Adela

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