Prevent stress and burnouts amongst your employees with effective online coaching.

25% of your employees are at risk. We identify this invisible group and make sure that 2 out of 3 become resilient within 4 coaching sessions.

We are on a mission to make wellbeing accessible to everyone. 
With our social enterprise we lower the threshold for people to seek help by offering affordable, anonymous, online coaching. 
10% of our profit goes to the Inuka Foundation to help the most vulnerable for free in for example Zimbabwe, Palestinian occupied territories and our home country The Netherlands.

Feel better in short, powerful steps.

2 out of 3 gets resilient

2 out of 3 at-risk people who complete an inuka coaching program go back to resilience, typically within 4 sessions

96% see results

96% of coachees say that they manage problems better after Inuka Coaching.

4.8 coach rating

Our Inuka Coaches are rated on average 4.8 out of 5 by hundreds of people.

For organisations

We deliver coaching with measurable results. The average ROI per organization is 300%.

For employees

Are you an employee looking for more information about Inuka Coaching?

How Inuka works

Read about our self-scan, coaching method, results and evidence, and much more.

About Inuka

At Inuka we support employees to grow, and with our Foundation we support the most vulnerable.


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Inuka's coaches are rated 4.8 / 5

(based on 506 unique reviews)

"We aim to set a new global standard in providing top-quality, evidence-based coaching. By giving actual, measurable results and publishing our results. And make it accessible not just for top-management, but for all. All layers of organizations, all cultures, all backgrounds. Even for those who cannot afford to pay and don't have an employer"
Robin van Dalen
Co-founder & CEO @ Inuka Coaching

In this case study:

  • De Zorgcirkel
  • The 3 biggest challenges within De Zorgcirkel
  • How Inuka’s coaching helped
  • The experience of a healthcare worker
  • Themes that play a role in healthcare professionals
  • The most important lesson
  • Top 3 tips for HR managers in healthcare
  • Danielle’s recommendations
  • About Inuka Coaching

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