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Resilience coaching in practical, powerful steps.

Inuka ‘s proven solution improves problem-solving skills and builds resilient teams. It includes personalised coaching, actionable plans & power trainings, with deep data insights for leadership.
Take a personal scan

Inuka ‘s science-backed scan provides self-insight to resilience, lowers the threshold to start coaching, and provides insight for coaches. Aggregated data supports a baseline, benchmarking and tracking of progress.

Easily match to a coach

All coaches are trained on the Inuka method™ and provide expert guidance, motivation and accountability. You can select video / chat, time slot, language, specialism & experience, for a perfect fit.

Complete Sessions

Sessions include active listening to establish what is going on, setting a goal, brainstorming solutions, making a plan and concrete steps, to ensure progress. Employees love our coaches and rate them at 4.8/5 on average.

Set an actionable plan

A personalised action plan is a concrete output from every coaching session, helping you to make progress in simple, powerful steps.

Smash goals

Employees make and smash goals from session to session. Scans are re-taken periodically for self-insight and track increased resilience over time.

96% of coachees say that they manage problems better after our coaching.

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The HR AI revolution

Co-hosted with Wendy van Ierschot, thought leader for People & Culture in fast growing organisations, serial entrepreneur, Business Angel Investor, Public speaker & writer.

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become resilient in only 4-5 sessions.


Gain say they handle problems better after coaching.



Inuka Coaches are rated 4.8 stars (based on 5.432 reviews)


People coached from risk to resilient

Top quality coaching

Award winning solution for all your people

Deep data insights

Impact tracking and deep data insights on your people

Accessible price

Friendly pricing and a surprising return on investment

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Resilience coaching for all employees.

Inuka offers a proven solution that improves problem-solving skills and builds resilient teams.

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Resilient people

Examples of coaching stories and personal impact.

Over 2,000 5-star reviews

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The HR AI revolution

Often this topic is presented as a dilemma, as if hybrid working and strong engagement are contradictions. In this Online Round Table we will review practical examples of the average ‘3- days at the office approach’ with very high engagement scores.
What rules should you agree to? What practices should you apply? What tools should you use? And what mistakes to avoid.
None of this is easy, but it is possible. And in a tight labour market it’s not a luxury, but a necessity.

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Does your organisation have an employee Well-being Strategy?

Inuka is delighted to have been awarded 2nd best Global HR innovation of 2023 by SHRM, the world’s largest body of HR professionals! We're thrilled to be the first Bcorp to reach the finals.

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