Feel better in short, powerful steps with Inuka Coaching.

Improve your problem-solving skills, build resilience and embrace change.

Inuka's coaches are rated 4.8 / 5.

EmployeeNationale Politie
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"I just wanted to say - I'm very happy with you - it has helped me a lot. It came during a period when I had quite a lot of stress without noticing it, and because of the coaching I now feel much better - so thank you for that."
EmployeeTommy Hilfiger
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"So glad I decided to give this a try! I was hesitant at first, but it helped me a lot! Talking to someone you don't know is such an eye opener and the help and advice I've received from my coach has made such a big impact! Very grateful."
EmployeeTommy Hilfiger
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"As stated before I was very skeptical when I started this but it really works"
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"I have learned to share my problems more often and to put them into words better. But also to get started with them in a concrete and very practical way. By setting achievable goals and working in small steps. For me that gave a lot of structure a chaotic story."
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"I am positive about the concreteness and the good questioning and summaries. However, I had to wait a while for a response sometimes, I like to proceed quickly."
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"I love how the coach takes the time to listen to me and guides me on how to handle issues for the goodness of my mental health. The app is also handy and I can take my session anywhere comfortably."

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Reduce stress and feel better with Inuka Coaching

In today's society, most people are facing more and more challenges.

Those challenges can be relatively mild, such as a troubled relationship with your manager, or not having the discipline to exercise. But also more intense... Think of severe sleeping problems, a loss of someone close to you, or extreme stress.

Fortunately, something actually can be done about this!

And it's easier than you might think.

We have developed a simple but scientifically proven method that helps people to quickly reduce stress, cope better with challenges in life, or help you find the time to change something you've been wanting to change.

How we help you to feel better in simple, powerful steps..

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The self-scan

Step 1: how are you really doing?

Do the scan and find out how you are doing. Are you coping well with challenges or is now really the time to change something? Answer 20 simple questions on 4 topics - body, mood, energy and purpose - and get your results. Reduce stress with Inuka online coaching

Coaching sessions

Step 2: Talk to your personal coach anytime and anywhere.

Our warm-hearted coaches help you feel better step by step. The sessions are anonymous and online - via chat or video call. Maybe you want to share a lot, or rather take action right away. That is up to you. Together with your coach, you map out what is going on and make a concrete plan to tackle the situation.

Track progress

Step 3: Track your progress with your personal action plan.

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Inuka's coaches are rated 4.8 / 5

(based on 1400+ unique reviews)

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Frequently asked questions (and answers!)

In the first session your coach will start by listening to your story. Then you map out what is going on in your life: in your private life and work situation. The goal of each session is to create an action plan together with your coach that you can implement. Your coach will follow these steps:

1. Understand and structure the challenges in your life 

At the beginning of each session, the coach listens to what you are going through in your daily life. What challenges do you encounter and how do you feel about them? The goal is to make an overview of the issues you encounter, whether it concerns work, emotions, relationships, finances, your body or spirituality. Together you come up with a list of things you want to tackle.

2. Focus on one specific problem and goal

Your coach will then help you choose the most urgent challenge on the list and set a goal for it. Sometimes it takes a while to figure out what this is. Which is totally fine and part of the process. 

3. Together you make a plan

Based on your chosen goal, together you brainstorm about different solutions, choose a solution and make a SMART action plan. The session ends with a short planning of the next session. Now comes the hardest part: actually executing the plan you agreed upon. That means really going to the gym, not opening your laptop in the evening or having that dreaded conversation with your manager. But don’t worry, whether you succeed or not, your coach is on your side to support you and find a way to make it work together! 

Each follow-up session starts with going through your action plan. 

A standard session lasts 60 minutes. Whenever you want, you have access to your action plan and results when you log in. Book a session yourself when you are ready to discuss how it went.

Register Anonymously

On the registration page you can enter an anonymous name and e-mail address (if you wish). That way we at Inuka Coaching don’t know who you are. By the way, our coaches never see your email address. They will see your chosen username (which you can choose to make anonymous).

Anonymous data

If you do coaching sessions with us through your work, your employer will only see aggregated anonymous data, from which they cannot find out who participates, what answers someone gives to the self-scan questions, or what has been discussed in the coaching sessions. It’s important to share this anonymous data, because it encourages your employer to make the work environment healthier and not just put the responsibility on the employees.

Highest privacy standard

Our privacy policy for processing sensitive data is GDPR compliant and we are ISO27001 certified. We also have a certified Data Protection Officer (DPO) on board to ensure compliance and constantly improve. Feel free to send him an email right away! Michael Christian van Staveren, [email protected]

Standard counselling and therapy

Counselling and psychotherapy are provided by medical experts. Counsellors and psychotherapists undergo extensive training to understand human psychology and learn different types of therapies. As a result, these experts can treat people in a medical way with for example addiction problems, inability to sleep or psychological disorders. They often dive deep into your history, family situation, and personality.

Inuka Coaches

Our coaches on the other hand are trained in one specific method that is based on ‘problem-solving therapy’. This scientifically proven method is called the Inuka Method and has been developed by leading psychiatrists. This method uses the most commonly used coaching and therapy tools, such as ‘cognitive behavioral therapy’. In the Inuka Method these tools are only used to teach you how to deal with challenges but not to solve deeper underlying problems. Thus, this method is very effective for dealing with challenges better but not for solving bigger underlying problems, such as a medical addiction, a serious mental disorder or a trauma.

If you are not feeling well, you want to be sure that your coach can help you. We do everything we can to offer you a good coach. Below you can read some of our methods:

200+ hours of training

All coaches have undergone thorough training on the scientifically proven Inuka Method. Only after they have completed an exam they can start coaching. The training and exam are given by our team of experienced coaches, certified therapists and psychiatrists.

Strict quality control

Our quality checks do not stop after the exam. With the help of technology and regular feedback from our team of therapists, we ensure that all our coaches continue to provide good support. Do you have the misfortune that you and your coach are not a match? Don’t worry, you can switch coaches at any time!

Careful selection of coaches

Our coaches are carefully screened and selected by us. They must have a history of social engagement, be highly motivated and compassionate, and of course pass our exam.

The Inuka Method

The Inuka coaches all use the scientifically proven Inuka Method. They help you to cope better with challenges or stressful events. Unlike the offerings of many therapists or counsellors, all coaches at the Inuka service work with the same methodology to ensure you receive a comparable, high-quality service every session.

Solid research and development

In the past 10+ years a lot of research has been done into the Inuka Method. The most current research showed that 2 out of 3 employees – who were at risk of burnout or dropout – became resilient within 4 coaching sessions. They were therefore no longer at risk. In addition, we saw that 96% of all people who followed coaching sessions were better able to deal with problems. These results were published in the Cambridge Global Mental Health Journal (2021).

Variety of issues

Our Inuka coaches can help you with different types of problems or challenges. So whether you sleep badly, are under a lot of stress, have an argument with your partner, are having problems with your manager or colleagues or are often feeling depressed, with Inuka Coaching you will feel better in simple, but powerful steps.

Achieving goals

Inuka Coaching can help you set and achieve goals that you find important. Exercizing more often or getting out of bed earlier is easier with a coach by your side. In addition, we help you to better deal with stressful situations at work or privately. Think of a bad relationship with your manager, a high workload, a negative atmosphere at the office, but also private events such as a broken relationship, bereavement or moving to a new city.

Disclaimer: Inuka Coaching is not a medical service. If you have bigger problems such as addiction, a serious mental disorder, depression or trauma, we advise you to seek medical help.

Why Inuka Coaching works for you..

We understand that you may have doubts, but we know for sure that our method works well.

2 out of 3 at-risk employees who complete an inuka coaching program go back to resilience.

96% of people cope better with problems on a daily basis.

Our coaches are structurally highly valued. Current average: 4.7 out of 5 stars.

These results are published in The Cambridge Global Mental Health Journal, 2021.

Reduce stress with Inuka online coaching.

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Inuka Coaching explained in 1 minute.

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My employer does not yet work with Inuka Coaching. What can I do?

To explain to your employer what Inuka Coaching is, we have made a brochure. You can download this and send it to your employer. If you have permission, you can also directly request a demo on behalf of your employer.

Why a self-scan helps

Sometimes you know exactly what's going on.. but in most cases we just ramble on without knowing where those constant headaches come from, or the poor sleep. The scan helps you to face the facts. A bit confrontational, but it does help you to move forward.

Developed by the World Health Organization

The scan is scientifically proven to measure mental distress well (Harpham, 2003). The scan contains questions about:

  • Physical health
  • Emotional state
  • Purpose
  • Energy level

This allows you and your Inuka Coach to focus on what is important to you right now.

We love feedback, difficult questions, or just compliments :)

Your privacy is very important to us. When filling out this form, we would like to refer you to our privacy policy.

About the self-scan

20 questions (based on the worldwide known and proven SRQ-20 method) to find out if someone is resilient or at risk. This scan contains questions about physical health, emotional status, meaning, and energy level.

This method has been used since 1983 and was extensively developed and validated by the WHO (division of mental health) in 1994. Inuka uses a modernized version of this scan. 

About our coaching

Quick and sustainable results

Together with our coaches, the employees quickly map out what is going on and make a concrete plan to tackle the situation.

  • Book a coach right away;
  • Video calling or chat;
  • The first session within 48 hours;
  • Coaching In 6+ languages including English, Dutch, German, Hindi & French;
  • Our coaches are empathetic people with a warm character;
  • 2 out of 3 at-risk employees who complete an Inuka coaching program go back to resilience.
  • Our results have been published in the Cambridge Global Mental Health Journal, 2021.

200+ hours of training

All our coaches have received at least 200 hours of training in the scientifically proven Inuka Method and are trained by our expert psychologists and coaches.

Does your employer already work with Inuka Coaching?

If so, you have received an email with a link and a code to register. Open the link in your email or click on "register here".

Some of our results:

These results are based on over 1500+ anonymous coaching sessions.

  • 2 out of 3 at-risk employees who complete an Inuka coaching program go back to resilience.
  • 96% of people indicated they were better able to deal with problems after using Inuka Coaching.
  • Our coaches are rated 4.7 out of 5 stars, based on 506 unique reviews.
  • Our coaching method is scientifically proven and results are published in the Cambrigde Journal of Medical health in 2021.

About the action plan

An action plan ensures that employees know how to feel better in short and powerful steps.
  • An employee leaves each coaching session with a personal action plan, so that they know how to feel better step by step.
  • The trick is to break big problems into small pieces, and thus make all challenges manageable by taking small steps.
  • This action plan is mainly there to remind you which actions you are going to take and when.  This way you give your new behavioral patterns a nice kickstart..
  • In the follow-up session, you and your coach will review the action plan and see if it is going well, until you are really feeling better again, with measurable results.

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Privacy is extremely important to us! When filling out this form, we would like to refer you to our Privacy Policy.