Inuka Coaching results & evidence.

The Inuka Coaching method is grounded in science. Everything we do, we measure, analyse and improve. Here you can read more on what data we base our claims.

A simple approach, grounded in scientific evidence.

"Everything we do at Inuka is grounded in science. We build upon 15 years of high-quality scientific research and continuously review and learn from the latest insights from science, our data and practice”

1. Existing evidence base

Inuka’s coaching method is grounded in problem solving therapy. Does a 7-step, practical approach sound (perhaps too) simple? This simplicity is probably the reason research shows this method works for so many problems & people:

  • Effective for complaints such as depression, anxiety & sleep
  • Studied in over 24 countries
  • Similar effectiveness as CBT, with slightly longer-term effects
  • Also used for physical challenges such as coping with diabetes, cancer and countering obesity/weight loss. 
Key Source: Cuijpers et all, 2021, World psychiatry. Extensive literature review available on request. 

2. Coaching method RCT

Inuka’s coaching method has been shown to be effective for the reduction of depression and anxiety complaints in a study published in one of the best medical journals in the world: 

  • Randomized Control Trial (RCT) with 580 participants
  • Published in JAMA – Journal of American Medical Association (2017) 
  • Conducted by the Friendship Bench by Inuka cofounder Chibanda
  • Showed the coaching method works for 78.9% of people (SSQ-20) 
  • Significant reduction depression (PHQ-9) & anxiety (GAD-7) complaints + increase in income
  • Rolled out in practice by the Friendship Bench and partners in Africa New York City: >1000 coaches trained, >120.000 people supported, consistent high-quality results in line with research papers above.

3. Study of the Inuka platform

We also put the online delivery method via the Inuka platform to the test with a pilot study which also got published in a peer-reviewed journal:
  • Pilot cohort study with 80 participants
  • Published in Cambridge Global Mental Health Journal (2021)
  • Showed the coaching method helps 72% of people in the at-risk category (struggling, srq >7) to go back to resilience (SRQ-20)
  • Significant reduction depression (PHQ-9) & anxiety (GAD-7) complaints.
  • Study conducted by Philips Healthcare, data analysis by top-university (LSHTM).

4. Inuka's results in practice

Our data...

Studies are great, but how does Inuka work in practice? We see strong results in line with the research above:

  • Trained > 50 coaches
  • Coached over >2000 people
  • 2 out of 3 of at-risk people who complete a program (+/- 4 sessions) go to resilient 

To be published

Here Inuka won’t stop. We work together with scientists of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and others to publish our latest results in peer-reviewed journals. 

We also welcome more scientific partners to independently review our results or conduct studies of Inuka. Interested? Email us at [email protected]

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