Activation and implementation.

To get real results for you and reach employees who do not feel or function optimally in time, we have developed a set of simple yet science-based (and fun!) interventions. So you get actual, measurable results both for your employees and the organization.

How we keep the theme of wellbeing, vitality and stress prevention in your organization alive.

At Inuka we work hard to offer real, measurable results. We do not want to be another fancy perk, but deliver actual, measurable results for both your employees and the organization. So we developed and tested a simple onboarding program, fun & science-based awareness activities and content for employees, and actionable reporting for management. Simple and time-efficient to keep it affordable.
We adjust the number of activities based on the pricing package you choose. In line with our mission to make this accessible for all layers of the organization, generally we get the feedback we are affordable for the services we offer. 


We start with onboarding both HR & management, as well as employees. We do this with interactive and entertaining sessions, so that everyone understand what this is about and how we can make the most of it together.

HR & management

A simple onboarding process with HR and (optionally) management.

With HR lead we map out existing organisational solutions so we can match employees with the right solutions next to Inuka Coaching based on the self-scan and coaching sessions.


Interactive, short & fun activation sessions to discuss the theme of well-being, stress & coaching. Also, we’ve got a video for your employees that explains Inuka Coaching in one minute: 

Typical content (adapted in collaboration with you): 

  • Useful insights on wellbeing & happiness
  • Introducing Inuka and how it can work for you
  • Voting on stories from real life: engaging way to give your employees an idea of what Inuka can help with and what themes are alive in the organization

Awareness activities

Year-round educational, social and fun activities to create awareness on themes around well-being. We have a menu of activities you can pick from:

  • Mini-workshops
  • Quizzes
  • Q&A’s with experts
  • Awareness sessions

Digital activation sessions

After the onboarding in the first year, we follow up every year with activation sessions for employees so Inuka stays on top of mind.

Engaging content for employees


We usually send one gentle and non intrusive Inuka newsletter per month. Science-based, with practical tips at the end.​ The newsletter is for everyone. Its language is accessible and the resources are science-based yet practical. We try to offer something for everyone.​


We publish a wide variety of blogs that are available for you and your employees. Our blogs cover topics on vitality, happyness, mental health practices, prevention of burnout, and finding balance.

Reporting for management

Receive reports with (anonymous) insights about the well-being of your employees and about the important topics that affect them. (in line with GDPR, only if >20 people respond to ensure anonymity)

Business case

We will provide you with a business case that shows you the ROI on your investment in prevention by using Inuka Coaching.


Inuka's coaches are rated 4.8 / 5

(based on 1400+ unique reviews)

Learn more on how Inuka works.

Self scan

A 5 minute, scientifically and WHO validated questionnaire to give insight, connect to the right help and track progress.

Coaching method

Grounded in the best science out there and best described as simple, practical, and results driven. Discover our 3-step approach here.

Results & evidence

The Inuka Coaching method is grounded in science. Everything we do, we measure, analyse and improve.

Coaches & coaching academy

Learn more about our coaches, their passion to help others, our inuka academy training & quality control system - and how this results in real, lasting results.

Activation & implementation

Inuka’s aim is to reach the ~25% of employees that are struggling but not yet sick. To reach them in time, we have developed a set of science-based (and fun!) interventions.

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