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Whether you want to improve your relationships, or lower your stress, research shows that it is difficult for most people to achieve their goals, but it’s much easier with a coach by your side.

In fact, 80% achieve their goals with a coach, compared to 20% without. (HBR, 2018)

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*Based on a scientific pilot of 60 users at risk or in a tough place: 82% got back to resilience within 4 InukaMethod™ sessions, also after 3 months. Inuka coaches use our coaching method grounded in problem solving therapy, that has shown to be effective for a wide range of issues, from depression, anxiety, sleep to trauma.

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A proven coaching method, for almost any problem

Our research shows that lasting changes are typically seen after 4 sessions.

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Empathic coaches you can trust

Carefully selected, trained and supervised by us, our coaches come from diverse backgrounds and are driven to help people improve their lives. 

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Your privacy is our priority

Anything you share is 100% confidential and regulated by GDPR standards. We do not share or sell your data and are crystal clear about how we use data to improve our service in our privacy policy.

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Double your impact

As part of our mission to make wellbeing accessible to everyone, your company funded program supports the mental health of vulnerable populations in Africa through our Buy 1, Get 1 Program. 

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How to get started

Our caring coaches are here for you, right now. Start feeling more in control after your first session, and back on track within 4 sessions. 


Inuka can work for a range of problems. Our coaching method focuses on that what issue you find the most important including: 

  • managing stressful situations better, whether at work or in private life 
  • setting and achieving goals important to you, such as exercising more or getting up earlier
  • learning how to cope better with a stressful job or work situation
  • managing struggles around covid-19, such as working from home, feeling low or stressed
  • coping better with stressful events, such as a break-up, moving places or a new job

You can trust you work with someone who is both genuinely caring and highly trained on a proven coaching method to get you to a better place. 

This is not just blah-blah: reserach shows that typically only 7-20% of people achieve the goals they set for themselves, such as exercising more, gaming less, set better boundaries or seeing friends more. With an Inuka coach on your side, typically 82% of people achieve their goals! 

Why? Because of our proven coaching method, within 1-2 sessions you will have an overview of where you stand in life, set a goal and have concrete actions to work on. 

Also, you have someone on your side to motivate you and hold you accountable to REALLY make the changes you want to make 

Anytime in the year you can check how you are doing with the wellbeing scan, and book another session with your Inuka coach and start where you left off. 

You can also contact your coach, book and reschedule an appointment anytime, anywhere, or switch coaches via the online environment. 

Inuka can be 100% anonymous. At the registration page, you can fill out any display name and valid email so Inuka does not know who you are.

It is illegal for us as to share any of the data you have given us with third party individuals or companies.

If your sessions are sponsored by a company, they will only receive aggregated results about the wellbeing scan that in no way allows anyone to retrieve who scored what.

Inuka is a social enterprise to whom privacy is of highest importance. Our privacy policy for processing sensitive data is GDPR compliant. We also have onboard a certified Data Protection Officer (DPO) to ensure constant, updated compliance.

Our coaches come from a diverse set of backgrounds, and can relate to where you are. Many have been through the same or similar challenges as you. 

You can choose your coach and session based on a personal description of the coach, their rating by other coachees, and the language you feel most comfortable expressing yourself in. Right now, we offer over 9 different languages including English, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Dutch, Romanian and Kiswahili. 

All our coaches are first vetted by us, and then trained and certified through the Inuka Academy in the Inuka Method, a simplified coaching version of Problem Solving Therapy (PST). This therapy is a type of cognitive behavior therapy that helps people become more resilient in dealing with challenges in life. Inuka coaches receive over 300 hours of education and training, and have to do an exam with a licensed therapist in order to become certified. 

 Coaches are continuously supported and quality checks are done by experts, such as highly experienced coaches, licensed therapists and psychiatrists. 

Your coach will in the first session start with mapping out how you are doing in life. 

The aim of every session is to come up with a personalized wellbeing plan to follow between sessions. They will do so by following this format: 

  1. Understand and structure the problems you’re dealing with.

Every session begins with the coach listening to you and what you’re going through in the context of your daily live. What are the challenges you deal with, how are you feeling? The aim is to make an overview of how you are doing overall, and identify specific struggles, whether this concerns work, emotions, relationship, finances, your body or spirituality. Together, you’ll come up with a ¨things to tackle list.¨

If it is a return session, the session begins with evaluating whether the action plan worked.

  1. Focus on one specific problem & goal

The coach then helps you find out the most pressing issue on the ‘things to tackle’ list and set a goal which for you is most important at the moment. Sometimes it takes a while to find out what this is – which is perfectly fine and part of the process! 

  1. Make a plan

Based on your goal, together you brainstorm a range of solutions, pick a solution and make a SMART action plan. The session ends with a short scheduling of the next session. After this the hardest part comes: actually doing the plan you have agreed on. Which means really going to the gym, not opening your laptop in the evening or having that dreaded conversation with your manager. But no worries, whether you manage to do it or not, your coach is on your side to support you and find a way to make it work, together!

A typical session lasts 60 minutes. Only the first session lasts 90 minutes.

Good question! We have 5 ingredients to ensure high quality, consistent service from our coaches:

Solid Training – All coaches have completed an in-depth training on the proven InukaMethode, and only were allowed to start coaching after they did an exam which is checked by our team of experienced coaches, licensed therapists and psychiatrists. 

Strict quality control – After the exam our quality checks don’t stop! With the use of technology and regular feedback from our team of therapists we ensure all our coaches provide top-notch support. Yet you got the bad luck to run into a coach you are not happy with? No worries you can change coaches anytime!

Careful selection – Our coaches are carefully screened and selected by us. They have to have a history of social engagement, have to be highly motivated and compassionate and of course pass our strict training and exam. 

Inuka Coaching Methode – Coaches are trained on a proven problem solving method, the InukaMethodewhich builds your skills to effectively deal with challenges or stressful events you face in life. As opposed to many offers of therapists or counsellors, on the Inuka service all coaches work with the same method to ensure you get a similar high quality service, every session.

Solid research & development – We have tested the quality of our coaches’ problem solving method by tracking the progress and feedback of 63 people who received 4 chat-sessions on our Inuka app. We saw great results: for 82% of participants, mental distress symptoms went down with 42% and 91% of participants reported they ‘definitely’ would come back if they would seek support from a coach again.

Note that it depends per type of challenge how many sessions are needed for results. Also, although Inuka is designed to get you to a better place, it is NOT a medical service, and in case you are in crisis or need medical support, we recommend you seek medical treatment. 

Counseling and psychotherapy are services offered by medical experts. Counselors and psychotherapists go through extensive training to understand human psychology and learn a range of different types of therapies. These experts can therefore treat people who face various challenges in their lives, whether it is serious addiction problems, being unable to sleep, and mental health disorders. They often explore in-depth your history, family situation and personality. 

In contrast, our coaches are trained in one specific method which is grounded in ‘problem-solving therapy’, the Inuka Method. Created by leading experts, it takes some of the most-used tools in coaching and therapy, (known as ‘Cognitive Behavioral Therapy’) but it only focuses on helping you deal with challenges, not on deeper underlying issues. Therefore it is very useful for helping you to make changes in life, and cope with challenges you face in life, but not to resolve larger underlying issues such as addiction, a serious mental disorder or trauma. 

It is important to note that although this service is designed to help you cope with a range of issues you face in life, Inuka is not a medical service. If you feel you are in crisis, or you may hurt yourself or others, you should seek professional help. Please scroll down to find resources for professional help.

Sessions are available in the following languages. We are constantly adding new languages, as they are requested. Feel free to reach out to us if you are missing some!

English – French – Spanish – German – Hindi – Dutch – Romanian – Kiswahili – Shona

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