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Event: understanding evidence of effectiveness for well-being programmes, to support scaling

How do you know if a well-being program is effective? How would effectiveness be measured? Which roles are critical for discussions on scaled implementation and how would an ROI case be constructed?

November 17th, 4-5pm CET (in English)

Hosted by: Anoushka Bold, researcher @ VU and Inuka
Audience: All involved in decision making on Well-being programs

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Why this event?

There is a critical need for organisations to offer preventative solutions for mental health and wellbeing that are proven to be effective. This research aims to bridge the field of evidence-based effectiveness research, and the organisational decision-making regarding employee mental health offerings, seeking to understand how evidence of effectiveness is constructed, who are the decision makers of employee well-being programmes? And what is credible evidence from their perspective? CEOs, CHROs, Well-being leads, and similar will be invited.

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What will we talk about?

We will address topics like:

> What research is available related to occupational mental health interventions?
> Who are the key stakeholders deciding on workplace mental health offerings?
> What are key stakeholders views of strong evidence? What are their decision-making criteria?
> How are ROI cases made for scaled programme implementation?

Who is it for?

We organise this event for professionals involved in decision making on employee well-being programmes.

Specifically CEOs, CHROs, HR Directors, Well-being Leads, Occupational Health and Safety Leads, and similar roles are invited.

When is it and how to join?

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