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70% of at-risk employees achieve resilience after 4 sessions.

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300% average ROI

Save €60k per prevented burnout, from €25 per employee per year.

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Book 24/7, start in 48 hours with our top-quality coaches trained in our ICF-certified training.

The opportunity

An absent employee costs €60.000 per year while a resilient employee is self aware, has a good work-life balance, is cooperative and engaged, leading to higher productivity.

The Problem

The majority of at-risk employees do not seek help, despite of often having a lot of support available from the organization.

> 50%

of employees do not seek help.

Too busy

Due to lack of time, too many options and chaos in the mind.


Due to stigma, employees often do not dare to discuss challenges with a manager.

Can't find help

Help is often hidden behind Sharepoints, HR Managers and long waiting times.

The solution

We help you to identify the at-risk group (yellow) and coach them back to being resilient (green) as soon as possible.


This group is capable of handling challenges on their own, but can still use a coach to improve their performance.

At risk (25%)

These employees are often less productive, more negative, and on average take more sick days.

Danger zone (2%)

The people are closest to experiencing a burn-out.

How do we do it?

We improve employee well-being in 3 powerful steps


We lower barriers to get help, by offering your employees:

A. Self-insight (anonymous)



B. Vitality toolbox

We offer monthly activities where employees can learn about topics such as managing stress, gratitude, giving feedback, or how to be better at working from home.

Every month your employees receive insightful, evidence-based content in their inbox, and tailored content via their coach. This is not just educational but also raises awareness about the importance of their mental health.

And we refer to


Effective help, via:

A. Inuka Coaches

Our Inuka Coaches all completed the ICF-certified Inuka training. They all apply the Inuka Method, based on problem solving therapy. This way we ensure the effectiveness of all our coaching sessions, helping employees from all layers of your organisation with a very broad range of challenges. Our coaches are rated 4.8 out of 5.


B. Existing company resources

Most companies have existing mental health solutions in place. Both our self scan and our coaches refer to your existing well-being solutions, which suit the situation of your employees best. Examples of existing solutions are EAP program / ARBO, company doctor, psychologists, apps like Headspace, etc.

What we offer your organization?


Data-driven HR strategy

A. Diagnostic scan

Based on the self-scan, you get insight into how employees are doing in different departments.


B. Insights for HR

Based on the coaching conversations, we report back to you what are the recurring themes your employees struggle with*. Because not everything can be solved with 1-on-1 support.


C. Business case vitality

Based on actual data from your organisation, we prepare the business case for your management team. So you can make the case for employee well-being.

The employee experience explained:

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Barbara Stam

“Inuka Coaching came at just the right time for us. We gave all our employees access to the platform to boost vitality."

Lindy van Vliet

"Because of Inuka our French-, Dutch- and Hindi-speaking employees also receive tailor-made support."

Sander Kammenga

"Inuka Coaching is an accessible solution for employees and was easy to implement in our organization."

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About the self-scan

20 questions (based on the worldwide known and proven SRQ-20 method) to find out if someone is resilient or at risk. This scan contains questions about physical health, emotional status, meaning, and energy level.

This method has been used since 1983 and was extensively developed and validated by the WHO (division of mental health) in 1994. Inuka uses a modernized version of this scan. 

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