Inuka at BNR Zaken Doen

Robin explains at BNR how we can help large companies in the prevention of burn-out and long-term sick leave

Last Friday, Robin van Dalen pitched Inuka at BNR Zaken Doen. She started with a moving fact: 1 in 4 employees is at risk of dropping out due to stress and burnout. Robin then explained within 1 minute how Inuka can help large companies to identify and coach the risk group that is invisible to companies for burnout and long-term sick leave.

Listen to the full fragment of BNR Zaken Doen here:
Inuka’s Robin van Dalen at BNR Zaken Doen

Peter van Meersbergen of Investormarch reacts somewhat skeptically; “There are already so many coaching parties, how does Inuka differ from those?” Robin explains that Inuka measures the employee’s wellbeing before and after the coaching and can thus provide a good overview of the coaching’s effect on employees. Inuka’s results have also been published in the Cambridge Global Mental Health Journal 2021. “And what about the coaches?”, Peter asks. “Nowadays the term ‘coach’ is used by everyone.” Robin explains, “our coaches receive training based on the scientifically proven InukaMethod™”. Additionally, they take exams that are checked by therapists and we also do a quality check of the coaching itself.

What does Peter think of Inuka after this pitch? Interviewer Thomas van Zijl asks. “I think Inuka is really proving itself and is very promising, but I have one last question; because what happens to the people who are not being coached back to resilience?” Robin explains that it is important for Inuka that this group is referred to specialist care, even if Inuka is not the right solution for them at the moment.

Are you curious about how Inuka can make your employees more resilient? Contact Arjan or Robin, or leave us a message on the contact form.

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