The Inuka coaching method.

Feel better in short, powerful steps. That is our promise. Our coaching method is grounded in science and is best described as simple, practical, and results driven.

"Our aim is to empower people to be in the drivers seat of their own life (again)."

What happens in an Inuka coaching session

The coach will make space to share your story, helps you clarify and reframe the challenges you face, set a goal and make an action plan. The coaches are trained to facilitate the journey to what we call the 'holy cow' moment: a point where you realize it is time to change something in your life, and commit to taking steps. From that point onwards it is about really taking the steps outside the coaching sessions. The coach will work with you in the sessions to evaluate how your steps are going and get obstacles out of the way. Typically people see results within 3 sessions.

The 7 steps of what happens in a session:

  1. Connect & share story
  2. Pick most pressing problem
  3. Set a goal
  4. Define the major obstacles
  5. Brainstorm solutions
  6. Make a SMART action plan 
  7. Evaluate in next session: did the plan work?

Aim of every session: an action plan

Feel better in short, powerful steps.

The aim of every session is to share what is going on and co-create an action plan with the coach. The actions you take after every session are the practical key to feel better quickly.
  • The trick is to break big problems into small pieces. This makes all challenges manageable by taking small steps. 
  • The action plan reminds you which actions you are going to take and when. Let’s learn by doing! 
  • In the follow-up sessions, you and your coach will review the action plan and get obstacles out of the way until you achieve your goals. 

What an Inuka coaching program looks like:

1. First session

Let's connect! Then, the coach will unravel what is going on and what the steps to change are.

60-90 min

2. Next sessions

Together, learn what actions work and doesn't work for you and update your action plan.

30-60 min per session

3. End sessions

The coach will be next to you, until you feel better. Measurably. Using the self-scan.

3-4 sessions to see results

4. Check-in

Do a short check-in with your coach 3 months later, or when needed, so the new habits last.

After 3 months


Inuka's coaches are rated 4.8 / 5

(based on 506 unique reviews)

Inuka's scientific foundation: problem solving therapy (PST).

Unlike traditional therapy approaches that analyze the past and personality of a person, PST focuses on finding solutions in the here and now. It takes the assumption that most people know what they want and need to improve their lives, and that with the right coaching and questions the therapist can help them to get there. In the process, the client remains in charge and the therapist is the guide to ensure the client progresses.

The focus of PST is strenghtening the self-reliance and confidence of a person by putting new habits into action. Because it it often short, practical and with quick results (3 months), PST appeals to a wide range of people. The PST approach has been shown to work for most people and most problems in over 24 countries.

Back in the drivers seat of life.

Inuka’s co-founder, psychiatrist Prof. Dixon Chibanda, M.D., has translated this therapy tool to the Inuka coaching setting. The coachee is guided to get (back) in the driver’s seat of life, with the coach as an empathic guide.

How Inuka is different from other coaching methods

Inuka is very similar in how we train our coaches as compared to most top-notch coach standards, such as the International Coach Federation – In fact, we are in process of certifying our training program.

What sets Inuka apart: what happens after the training.

At Inuka Coaching we have build a solid quality system after the training ends with our Inuka Academy:

  • checks and balances with technology & experts;
  • refresher trainings;
  • measure results with validated questionnaires;
  • publish results in peer-reviewed journals
  • experts giving continuous feedback to coaches;
  • expert-facilitated peer-support groups for coaches to encourage learning;
  • collaboration with top-notch research institutes to continuously learn, improve & publish;
  • data-driven quality measurements & improvements.

Most importantly, we use the learnings to continuously improve ourselves and the way we train and guide our coaches. Learn more about our coaches and coaching academy.

Inuka simply does what has been shown to work, consistently, with highest quality, and makes it scalable, affordable and accessible for everyone. 
"All our coaches use these proven steps to discover what really works for someone to feel better. To build skills to cope better with life's challenges. Skills that last a life time."
SuperCoach @ Inuka

Learn more on how Inuka works.

Self scan

A 5 minute, scientifically and WHO validated questionnaire to give insight, connect to the right help and track progress.

Coaching method

Grounded in the best science out there and best described as simple, practical, and results driven. Discover our 3-step approach here.

Results & evidence

The Inuka Coaching method is grounded in science. Everything we do, we measure, analyse and improve.

Coaches & coaching academy

Learn more about our coaches, their passion to help others, our inuka academy training & quality control system - and how this results in real, lasting results.

Activation & implementation

Inuka’s aim is to reach the ~25% of employees that are struggling but not yet sick. To reach them in time, we have developed a set of science-based (and fun!) interventions.

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