Collaboration between Amnesty International Global Secretariat (based in London) and Inuka Coaching

Amnesty International Inuka Coaching

AMSTERDAM – Youth activists from Amnesty International receive support from the Dutch scale-up Inuka Coaching. An extensive digital coaching journey that will ensure that 200 activists remain resilient, while standing up for human rights.

Committed youth activists are the life-blood for Amnesty and the future of the promotion of all our human rights. But this is no easy task. Standing up for human rights takes commitment, bravery and hard work – we all do it because we care – and at times that can seem relentless.

As a global movement of more than 10 million people, with decades of experience, Amnesty is well versed on how we support each other and how to accompany and retain activists. It is now bolstering the support it has on offer for youth activists in a new collaboration with Inuka Coaching.

The support is aimed at identifying and preventing stress, and responding to well-being challenges that can be posed by youth activism for human rights. Through an online self-scan, Amnesty’s youth activists will learn about resilience, the risks of stress or even burn-out. After which they are given the opportunity to share their story via chat sessions anonymously with an, online coach. Together they make a step-by-step plan to make sure they work towards a better well-being balance.

Regional and global research carried by Amnesty International in Americas and Globally* shows that, by the nature of the work they do, youth activists may experience above-average stress. It is to their credit that young human rights defenders experience a deep sense of responsibility and commitment to human rights and social change, but they need to be made aware of, and identify the risks of issues such as stress, burnout, and vicarious trauma. Likewise, youth activists often feel guilty towards their colleagues when they take a rest, but also because they feel that progress with regard to human rights may be jeopardized as a result. In Amnesty’s work promoting youth participation in human rights, we observe that young people also often face age-discrimination in their communities, sometimes intersecting with other forms of exclusion, which impact on their wellbeing.

Forewarned is forearmed and this collaboration will help youth activists bring more self-care and balance to their passion to make the world a better place. It will help them and the continuing fight for human rights.

Balancing activism with well-being

Amnesty International Global Secretariat (based in London) is excited to start this opportunity. “Our youth activists are committed to our organization with heart and soul. They care about the world and each other, sometimes risk forgetting themselves. At times it is difficult to balance their activism with their own well-being. The coaching trajectory of Inuka is therefore an important tool to help them in getting all the help they need to balance their activism with their own well-being, especially now that there is so much uncertainty and new challenges going on in the world,” said Lorraine Degruson, Head of the Global Children and Youth Team at Amnesty International Global Secretariat.

Mental well-being support

Inuka Coaching makes its online coaching program available to Amnesty International free of charge. “We think Amnesty International’s work is very important and we would like to contribute to it. We have tremendous admiration for these young activists and want to support them in their well-being. After all, it is very important that the activists remain in balance and are mentally strong,” said Robin van Dalen, founder and CEO of Inuka.

About Amnesty International

Amnesty International is a global movement that strives for a world in which everyone can enjoy all Human Rights. Amnesty is independent of any government, political ideology, economic interest or religion, and is primarily supported financially by its members and public donations. As outlined in Amnesty’s Global Children and Youth Strategy, by drawing on the energy, creativity and skills of young people the organisation is able to support more people to know, claim and enjoy their human rights.

About Inuka Coaching

Founded in the Netherlands, Inuka Coaching combines the power of human connection with the affordability, scalability and accessibility of technological innovation in a digital coaching platform. The aim is to lower the barrier to finding and giving support, so that escalations, lasting problems and negative effects on society can be avoided, and people and society can flourish.

*This research is not representative of the work done with youth activists in the Netherlands specifically.

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