How Inspiring Leadership Can Accelerate People’s Performance

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On April 11th, we had the privilege of hosting Gerard Penning for a roundtable discussion that aimed to understand how HR leaders can accelerate people’s performance with inspiring leadership.  

This session was designed to actively demonstrate how inspiring leadership can be the catalyst for enhanced performance across teams. Gerard, known for his insightful and transformative approaches to leadership, delved into strategies that promise to motivate, inspire, and reorient our approaches to managing and empowering teams.  

Join us as we unpack the valuable lessons and actionable insights shared during this session. 

Key Takeaways: Inspiring Leadership and People Performance 

In this section, we will explore the key takeaways from the session. From discussing systemic barriers, individual and collective growth, vulnerability and much more.  

🗺 Guidance on the Journey: It’s clear that people seek direction. They’re ready to embark on the path of growth and improvement if provided with the necessary tools and support

🚪 Systemic Barriers: The conversation brought up the challenge of systemic openness to change. Whether due to a lack of resources, deeper connections, or simply the knowledge of where to begin. 

🌱 Individual and Collective Growth: The distinction between individual aspirations and organizational structures, such as KPIs, was highlighted. Real change requires engaging with both personal and organizational levels comprehensively. 

📈 Integrated Solutions for Accelerating Impact: The effectiveness of addressing needs both through individual coaching and group training was discussed. An integrated and combined approach is viewed as most beneficial

⚖️ Balancing Structure and Flexibility: Finding the right mix between clear guidelines and the freedom to explore and connect is essential for nurturing well-being. 

🤗 Recognition and Support: A powerful example shared involved recognizing when someone is struggling and taking a moment to offer support, showcasing the importance of attentiveness and kindness in our interactions.  

🙆 Authenticity and Vulnerability: The discussions underscored the importance of shedding masks to address discomfort openly and the additional challenges of fostering vulnerability within cultures that traditionally discourage it. 

🌍 Acknowledging Diverse Realities: It’s crucial to honour the varied needs and realities of individuals and organizations, adapting our approach. 

These key takeaways not only reinforce our values but also advance our mission of building resilient organizations through healthier work environments and empowering leadership practices.  

How Inspiring Leadership Can Accelerate People Performance - Infographic
Infographic featuring key takeaways from the roundtable.

The Challenge of Channelling Human Energy (with Inspiring Leadership)

A core tenet of human resources is the belief that human energy within an organization must be purposefully focused and directed. However, channelling this energy effectively remains a formidable challenge.  

During the roundtable, Gerard highlighted how easily energy can be misdirected or dissipated amidst daily tasks and distractions. He shared strategies to maintain focus, ensuring that the collective energy contributes to meaningful and strategic objectives, rather than slipping through the cracks of organizational processes. 

The Power of Listening  

One of the most compelling moments of the roundtable happened when Gerard Penning shared a personal anecdote that underscored the importance of listening. He recounted an evening when his wife confronted him with a simple yet profound statement: “You are not (truly) listening.” This moment highlighted a common oversight in both personal and professional settings—the tendency to hear without truly listening. 

A quote from M. Scott Peck that inspired Gerard Penning
A quote from M. Scott Peck that inspired Gerard Penning and the group of HR experts.

Intentional listening can create an emotional resonance that lasts far beyond the conversation. By actively listening, leaders can make team members feel valued and understood, which not only enhances individual engagement but also fortifies the entire team’s dynamic. This section of the discussion vividly illustrated how listening is not just a passive act but a powerful leadership tool that fosters deeper connections and trust. 

Investing in People (And Their Performance) 

A significant focus of the roundtable was the tangible benefits that arise from genuinely investing in team members. It was emphasized that true leadership transcends the bounds of professional guidance and ventures into personal care and understanding. By genuinely investing in the well-being of team members, leaders can foster a more motivated, engaged, and productive workforce

Gerard shared a moment he had experienced to highlight this principle. He recounted how, during an important conference, someone he knew said “I have to leave now as I don’t want to miss my daughter’s birthday.” This act demonstrated this person’s commitment to balancing professional responsibilities with personal life, reinforcing the importance of respecting and supporting such balance among all team members.  

Gerard Penning shares a personal story on leading by example.
Gerard Penning shares a personal story on leading by example.

It served as a powerful reminder that personal commitments should be honoured, thereby encouraging a supportive and understanding workplace culture. And every leader has to show, don’t tell. And to open the doors to these moments. 

Authentic Leadership 

Authenticity in leadership was a central theme discussed during the roundtable. It stressed the importance of leaders being grounded and self-aware, understanding not only their strengths but also their weaknesses. This self-awareness is crucial for authentic interactions that resonate genuinely with team members. 

The discussion underscored how authenticity significantly affects team dynamics and individual performance. Authentic leaders are more likely to foster an environment of trust and openness, which encourages team members to be forthcoming with their ideas and challenges. This openness not only enhances team cohesion but also boosts individual performance by ensuring all team members feel valued and understood. 

Gerard highlighted that authentic leaders are those who align their actions with their words, demonstrating integrity and consistency. This alignment builds respect and loyalty, ultimately leading to more effective and successful teams. 

What’s next? 

As we continue to explore the depths of effective leadership, we invite you to reflect on your own leadership style.  

Consider how the insights shared can be integrated into your daily interactions to enhance your influence and effectiveness as a leader and answer the two important questions below. 

1️⃣ What is your Mount Kilimanjaro? This metaphorical mountain represents a personal or professional challenge that you’re passionate about conquering. Share what drives you to reach the summit of your goals and how it shapes your leadership style.  

2️⃣ What do you need to recharge your internal battery and feel energised? Understanding what motivates you can significantly enhance your leadership effectiveness. Reflect on what energizes you the most—whether it’s solving complex problems, helping others succeed, or something entirely different. 

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Engage with us, grow with us, and lead with us—your journey to becoming a more inspiring leader continues here. 

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