ICF Certified Coach Training

Follow our ICF Certified Coach Training and receive 30 accreditation units ánd get easy access to practicing coaching sessions too!

We’ll teach you all elements that you cannot miss in a coaching practice:

Our Inuka coaches serve clients at:

Proven method

Feel better in short, powerful steps. That is our promise. Our coaching method is grounded in science and is best described as simple, practical and results driven.

Flexible coaching pool

After completing this training you are invited to become part of our flexible coaching pool. Since Inuka Coaching is growing fast, chances are that you’ll be asked to become an Inuka coach.

Personal care and feedback

Throughout the training we will offer you a lot of indepth feedback on your sessions. Our trainers will guide you on a personal level and you can practice with peers.

What makes this certified training so special?

Why are these skills so important nowadays?

More than ever people are looking for help. That’s a good sign too, because it means that the stigma is disappearing bit by bit.

However, it still is a big step to ask for mental help. We discovered that online coaching is as impactful as face-to-face coaching but lowers the threshold to seek help. Clients can stay at home in their own safe environment, while chatting anonymously with their coach. 

This way we can help more people that need help but are afraid to go to a psychologist. As a coach it is very valuable to be able to offer online coaching and chat-based coaching, based on a very effective method. 

Why should you want to be and stay ICF certified?

ICF is the gold standard in coaching. Once you are ICF certified, it means that you have gone through rigorous training and demonstrate the ICF core coaching compentencies. Easily said: it shows that you are a professional coach and it helps you to differentiate from other coaches.​

All about the ICF certified training

Key features from the certified Inuka training

Inuka Coach Training is an ICF CCE accredited program. By completing this course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion for Inuka Coaching Program and you’ll qualify for 30 Continuous Coach Education Units from the International Coaching Federation (30 ICF CCEUS).

The ICF Certified Training is an online self-paced training. You’ll be part of a training cohort, and will work together with peers for practice sessions.  

To get the most out of this training you will do a minimum of 8 peer sessions. 

For the completion of your training, you will need to pass 2 exams.

This training offers your 30 accreditation units for your ICF certificate.

Throughout the training we will offer you a lot of indepth feedback on your sessions. 

Inuka Coaching is specialised in online coaching. We will teach you these skills and offer you our platform.

Inuka Coaching is specialised in chat and video based coaching.

Make use of our user friendly platform to practice your sessions.

What will you get after the training?

+ Tooling:

After this training you will be offered on the Inuka Platform as a coach, where clients can select you.

There is an inbuilt action plan template within the coaching platform which you will update during every coaching session, as well as optional script prompts.

Via our platform we have inbuilt video and chat functionality to use for client sessions. 

We share a lot of tips and exercises with our coaching community to make sure everybody can offer the best support to clients.

+ Feedback throughout the year

+ Community and quality management

How much does it cost and how to start?

The certified Inuka training is


(VAT included)

Excited to start this training?

About the payment

Once you sign up you will receive more information about the preparations of the course.

We ask you to pay €199 when signing up for this training. Tuition fees must be paid in full before the second day of the training. We will send you the payment details beforehand. 

Want to cancel?
Learn all about the return policy.

Excited to start this training?

About the trainers

This training was developed by Prof. Chibanda, M.D. - co-founder of Inuka Coaching

Prof. Dr. Chibanda is a doctor, psychiatrist, founder of the Friendship Bench and Professor in Global health at the prestigious London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. He developed the Inuka Coaching training and method based on over 15 years of research, and published the effectiveness of the method in top medical journals. His story and innovation is featured in media globally, such as the Guardian, the Economist and Time Magazine. He is now on a mission to make this top-quality coaching training accessible for everyone world wide.

Meet our trainers

Shruthi Abirami

Chief of coaching

“I am an experienced Psychologist with a demonstrated history of working in the professional training & coaching industry. I have conceptualized and facilitated the training of coaches at Inuka Coaching.”



“As a Supercoach I train coaches, monitor coaching quality and support the team with various tech/quality/coaching issues. Next to that I am in charge of coach community building.” 

Daphne Kanner

Quality advisor

“As a healthcare psychologist and clinical director, I have a lot of experience in the mental healthcare field. With my entrepreneurial spirit I support Inuka in continuously growing and maintaining high quality standards.” 

Dixon Chibanda

Head coach quality and research

“I have developed this ICF certified training. I am the Co-founder and chief of clinical division involved in overseeing all activities linked to services provided by Inuka online, including training and supervision of coaches.”

Enroll for this course

Once you sign up you will receive more information about the preparations of the course. We ask you to pay €199 when signing up for this training. Tuition fees must be paid in full before the second day of the training. 



We understand you still have some questions left. Maybe you can find them over here. Otherwise, start a chat or ask us a question! 

After and during your training you will be mentored by one of our Supercoaches.
You will receive 30 credits after completing the Inuka Coaching training.
You will a 2,5 day training, follow up feedback on your peer sessions and usage of the Inuka platform for 6 months.
Total cost is €1250 VAT excluded.We also have an early bird price! The early bird price is €1000,- and will be automatically applied when you enroll up to one month before the training starts.
The training will be given via online sessions with your trainers and peers.
You will be able to use the Inuka method in your coaching and have learned about chat based coaching.
Depending on your own speed in doing the peer to peer sessions and your own learning curve usually it will take between 2-4 months to finish completely.
You can start with whichever level and experience you have.
To receive the certification you will need to do the exam and pass this.
In the training you will be together with your peers and also your practice sessions will be with one or more of your peers. So more then enough time to meet other coaches!
If this is something you would like, let us know! If we have space in our coaches pool and you have passed the exam, you could become an Inuka Coach.
The training will be provided in English, but for the coaching you are welcome to use any language that you feel comfortable in. 😉
You will be trained by our Chief of Coaching and our Supercoach(es).

Yes, it is possible to cancel the training up to 21 days before the start of the training. You will get a 100% refund. After that period, we ask you to pay 50% of the total amount. It is not possible to cancel the training on or after the first day of the training. 

Once you have completed the Inuka Coach Training Program, you will be added to our coaching pool. Every now and then when we are looking for new coaches, we will reach out to our coaching pool first.

You won’t be employed as an Inuka coach automatically after completing the course.
Additionally, to get started as a coach you will have to be a registered as a freelancer/zzp’er or have your own coaching company.”

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