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With Inuka, we connect people online to a guide trained on proven Friendship Bench talk techniques. Now anyone can chat using our secure app, and take steps to address what’s bothering them.

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Dixon Chibanda

My dream is to make proven and simple solutions like the Friendship Bench available to people in need across the world.

Dixon Chibanda, TED speaker, Psychiatrist
Chief of therapy & Tai-Chi, Inuka

Mental health is one of the biggest challenges we face today

of the world suffers from depression, and, or anxiety
regularly suffer from
get help, and in low income countries, this can be <90%

At Inuka, we want to make it easier for people to find and give mental support!

We do this by connecting people in need to personal guides, via our anonymous platform

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Book a session anytime and chat with a guide you choose
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Work with methods developed, tested & proven by clinical experts
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Meet guides selected, trained and supervised by professionals

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Our people

Designers, techies, nerds, doctors and inventors. We are a diverse team, but share a passion for social entrepreneurship that combines the head & heart.

Robin van Dalen
Chief Vision & Facilitation
Dr. Maarten Van Herpen
Chief Hope & Faith
Prof. Dixon Chibanda
Chief Therapy & Tai-Chi
Zimbabwe / London
Koel Chatterjee
Chief Growth design