Supporting employee wellbeing at KIT: an international workforce

We are happy to share KIT Royal Tropical Insitute’s experience using Inuka’s employee wellbeing support solution.

Dedicated to sustainable development

KIT Royal Tropical Institute is an independent centre of expertise, education, intercultural cooperation and hospitality dedicated to sustainable development. For Inuka, it is special to work with KIT, as their own work includes global mental health research and projects.

“We demand a lot from ourselves in terms of quality and our client-oriented attitude.” – Annerink Post, HR Manager

KIT’s teams work under significant pressure. Annerink Post, HR Manager, says: “We demand a lot from ourselves in terms of quality and our client-oriented attitude.” Two items make it challenging for KIT to find a fitting solution to support employee wellbeing and resilience. First, the team is very culturally and linguistically diverse, counting 18 different nationalities. Second, much of the workforce travels often.

The fact that Inuka’s wellbeing coaches speak different languages makes it a good match for such an international team. Furthermore, Inuka’s fully digital solution makes it very accessible, even when employees are travelling.

Effective, practical mental health and wellbeing support

Inuka was first rolled out in a pilot department. It led to improvements in employee wellbeing via an impressive uptake of 72%. This is significant when considering that “one of the key concerns for employers is the historically low uptake of workplace schemes” as mentioned by Dr. Elizabeth Cotton, writer and educator working in the field of mental health at work (Critical Issues in Human Resource Management, 2nd Edition).

Furthermore, Inuka also had a positive impact on other important aspects. For example, it helped employees raise the topic of work pressure with their managers. The solution also pointed people to existing resources that were not always used optimally.

Following this, KIT went on to roll out Inuka’s services to the entire organisation.

To read more about KIT’s deployment, experience and results using Inuka’s employee wellbeing support, download the full case study:

KIT case study: an ambitious, international workforce performing under pressure

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