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Wellbeing who?

Understanding and effectively caring for the overall wellbeing of employees is not just critical for supporting happy, productive employees, it is also a critical foundation for business success. Employee wellbeing directly affects employee productivity, bottom line profits, and customer loyalty.

Before Covid, nearly 3 in every 10 employees suffered from severe stress, anxiety, or depression and up to 25% of employees were at-risk, or in the danger zone for burnout, absenteeism or completely dropping out.

As expected, the Covid pandemic has exacerbated the medley of financial, physical health, and social issues impacting mental health. Employers now have to consider comprehensive approaches to monitoring more closely how employees are doing, and how to reach those that need additional support.

Find out the four key insights we gathered on employee wellbeing and our recommendations and strategies for organizations to consider as they strive to best care for and support their employees in the current and post-pandemic realities.

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In this case study:

  • De Zorgcirkel
  • The 3 biggest challenges within De Zorgcirkel
  • How Inuka’s coaching helped
  • The experience of a healthcare worker
  • Themes that play a role in healthcare professionals
  • The most important lesson
  • Top 3 tips for HR managers in healthcare
  • Danielle’s recommendations
  • About Inuka Coaching

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