Refund Policy

Welcome to Inuka's Refund and Cancellation Policy.

Refunds will normally not be provided, but Inuka reserves the right to refund at our discretion that no money refund will be provided in any case.

The Client agrees and understands that a no-show means not joining the chat room within ten (10) minutes after scheduled appointment start time or moving away/going offline for longer than ten (10) minutes during the active chat session. The Client agrees that only one no-show by the Client is allowed during a program package of four (4) sessions. After this first no-show, Client can reschedule the session free of charge. No refund is allowed for further no-shows thereafter. Inuka deducts session balance for all other no-shows.

When a chat session is cancelled by the Guide or due to a no-show of the Guide during a session, the Client has the right to book another session free of charge. Inuka reserves the right to change any policy related to no-show and cancellations at any point of time without giving any prior notice. If, for any reason, an interaction between the Client and the Guide is not made through the Inuka Platform, both Users agree that it will be billed through the Inuka Platform and that the standard Inuka Use Fees will be charged and delivered to Inuka even if the Inuka Platform has not been used for this interaction.