Inuka raises 110k to scale up Dutch market

Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, Inuka has raised another 110k investment round. Viewing profit as a means to increase sustainable impact, we are incredibly happy to get 4 new highly experienced investors on board. They do not only have valuable expertise and networks to help Inuka grow, but are also enormously kind-hearted. The 4 investors are:

Wendy van Ierschot / Vie People. Leading investor and entrepreneur in the field of HR. Wendy, the most influential Dutch businesswoman in 2017 and 2018, is also the founder of VIE Tech Capital, which provides strategic seed capital for people-focused tech start-ups, and is backed by the European Angels Fund.

Arjan Grootenboer – Angel investor and experienced entrepreneur with a passion for People and our Planet. Arjan was Inuka’s first investor last year. Seeing our potential (and awesomely fun team), he also came on board as Chief Business Development.

Maarten Broekema. Impact investor, experienced entrepreneur, and co-owner & business developer at Mantelaar. Maarten will support the expansion of Inuka into the social area to reach municipalities and insurance companies.

Mike Randall. He has held leadership positions at Yahoo!, Facebook, and Snapchat in the early stages of the companies. More recently, he is spending time leading, mentoring and growing socially orientated start-ups.

This investment will be used to extend our runway, professionalize Inuka’s marketing and service in the Netherlands as well as to  expand our services to more organizations. It will provide Inuka with the runway needed to take it to the next level, and to be able to raise a seed round, to work further towards our ambition to become the leading, global digital coaching social enterprise.

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