We’re giving away an Inuka Coaching Program worth 5-15k€!

Inuka is giving back this holiday season with our #CovidCare giveaway

Beyond the economic effects of the current pandemic, Covid has also caused significant repercussions to people’s wellbeing and mental health. Many people are struggling after months of uncertainty, social isolation, and the added stress of lives being turned upside down. Bearing in mind that work constitutes a major part of most people’s lives, it is no surprise that the wellbeing and productivity of employers and employees are also at stake.

Before Covid, 17% of employees were already experiencing burnout. At present 88% are feeling stressed and 93% believe that the company could be doing more to support their wellbeing.

“As a social enterprise on a mission to make wellbeing accessible to everyone, we want to do our part to help out during these extra difficult times,” said Robin van Dalen, CEO and co-founder of Inuka.  Robin continued, “This holiday season, we are donating a 3-month Inuka Coaching program valued between EUR 5,000 and 15,000 to support a deserving organization with an extra helping hand.”

What will the coaching program provide?

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The Inuka Coaching program gives you and your employees anonymous insights into how they are faring and provides access for all your employees to personal coaching in our scientifically proven problem-solving coaching method designed to help individuals across a number of life challenges and situations.

More specifically, the 3-month coaching program provides:

a)  Unlimited access to our WHO validated self-scan will give you and your employees insight into their wellbeing status (in a tough place, at-risk or resilient) through our WHO validated self-scan.

b) Access to 1-on-1 digital coaching in our scientifically proven coaching method for employees that could benefit from extra support from a highly-trained empathic coach.

c) Progress tracking towards wellbeing and resilience. For employees, we provide this through our wellbeing tracker and for employers through a macro-level report highlighting progress.

Do you know an organization that deserves some extra TLC?

Find out more about the program and nominate an organization here. We will be accepting entries until December 22, 2020.

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