Inuka Coaching celebrates second place in global HR innovation competition

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It’s a moment of immense pride for all of us at Inuka Coaching. Our dedication to fostering resilience and mental well-being in the workplace has been recognised on a global platform. We are thrilled to announce that Inuka, a Dutch B Corp with roots in Philips Healthcare, secured the second-place position in the esteemed ‘Better Workplaces Challenge Cup 2023’, organised by SHRM, the world’s largest HR organisation.
The competition finals were held in Las Vegas, where our Co-CEO, Robin van Dalen, delivered a compelling live pitch before an esteemed panel of global HR influencers. With over 22,000 attendees at SHRM’s annual HR conference, it was a significant event that highlighted groundbreaking innovations in HR technology.

In an exclusive chat with Robin, we delved deeper into what makes Inuka Coaching stand out and the journey so far:

Can you tell us more about Inuka and the unique approach it takes to improve employee well-being and resilience?

Robin: “Certainly! Inuka is not just a company; it’s a mission. We aim to empower individuals to navigate life’s challenges more effectively. Our approach is two-fold: we assist large corporations in building resilient teams and organisations, and we also have a philanthropic arm dedicated to enhancing mental health support for vulnerable communities. Our platform ensures that quality resilience and mental well-being coaching is accessible to all employees, not just the top tier.”

What sets Inuka Coaching apart in the employee well-being space?

“Our holistic approach is what truly differentiates us. We don’t just offer a benefit; we initiate and measure structural change. Our platform provides scientifically proven online coaching in multiple languages, monthly resilience trainings, and integrates with existing solutions that companies already have in place. But what clinched the Better Workplace Cup for us was our ability to provide organisations with insights into their employees’ well-being and the root causes of stress, enabling them to develop effective, data-driven HR policies.”

How do you measure the success of Inuka’s programs?

“We’ve adopted a scientifically validated scan, used extensively by researchers worldwide. Through our platform, individuals can gauge their resilience levels within minutes and track their progress throughout and post-coaching. This scientific approach allows us to monitor the mental health and resilience of individuals effectively.”

What aspects of Inuka’s approach resonated most with the Challenge Cup judges and audience?

“It was a combination of our commitment to quality, affordability, and the in-depth data insights we provide. Our holistic view, considering both the individual and the system they operate within, was highly appreciated. Being a B corp also added significant value to our proposition.”

Inuka’s innovative platform, combined with its scientifically validated coaching method, has been pivotal in enhancing employee resilience and mental health, driving organisational excellence. As Robin van Dalen, Co-CEO at Inuka, aptly puts it, “This achievement reaffirms our commitment to transforming workplaces globally by fostering a culture of well-being and resilience. We are incredibly proud of our team’s dedication and passion.”

Inuka’s journey is a testament to the belief that impact and innovation can indeed go hand in hand. As a social enterprise, Inuka collaborates with NGOs in Zimbabwe, Uganda, and the Palestine Occupied Territories, partnering with renowned funders like the Johnson and Johnson foundations and Grand Challenges Canada. This ensures that our innovative solutions extend support to those most in need.

With this remarkable achievement, Inuka solidifies its position as a thought leader in the HR industry, committed to making a difference.

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Inuka is delighted to have been awarded 2nd best Global HR innovation of 2023 by SHRM, the world’s largest body of HR professionals! We're thrilled to be the first Bcorp to reach the finals.

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