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Now more than ever, employees need our help

About 25% of employees are at-risk or in the danger zone for burnout, absenteeism or leaving their jobs

Most organizations ignore these at-risk employees, and focus on the smaller danger zone group when it’s already too late. This is costing companies lower productivity, drop-out, absenteeism, and even burnout. (TNO, 2018

The majority of employees who need help, don't seek it

Despite having access to company provided resources, employees struggle to get helpThese realities are getting worse with the onset of the pandemic and post-pandemic realities. (

Organizations struggle to understand who needs help

Based on Inuka research, the vast majority of companies do not have a clear overview of how their employees are faring and who is at risk for burnout.

Inuka Coaching lowers the threshold for getting effective, professional help

and gives you as an organization visibility into how your employees are doing 

Here's how our digital wellbeing service works

Employees take a self-scan for insights

They tackle challenges together with a highly trained Inuka coach

*Based on a scientific pilot of 60 users at risk or in a tough place: 82% got back to resilience within 4 InukaMethod™ sessions, also after 3 months. Inuka coaches use our coaching method grounded in problem solving therapy, that has shown to be effective for a wide range of issues, from depression, anxiety, sleep to trauma.

Employers can quickly assess how employees are doing

Simple rollout, ensures maximum uptake

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Why Inuka?

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39 Per employee / Minimum of 50 employees
  • Employees get unlimited access to wellbeing scan, coaching and progress tracking
  • Quarterly report to track the progress of your company’s wellbeing profile
  • Simple onboarding so you can start next week, anywhere, anytime

Double your impact with our buy-1-give-1 program.

Every company-funded program ensures 1 distressed person in Zimbabwe gets the mental support they need, for free. Read more about our mission.

A proven coaching method, for almost any problem

Our research shows that lasting changes are typically seen after 4 sessions.

"The Inuka team is genuinely interested in real impact, not just to sell their product."

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