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We’ve been following the crisis in Israel and Gaza with broken hearts, and mourn the loss of all lives. It came particularly close for the Inuka team, because since 2021 we have been running a research project to support the mental health of people in the Palestinian territories together with our partner organization KIT and local NGO Juzoor for Health and Social Development. There is a big mental health care gap that our innovation can address.

Sadly it is currently hard to reach the people in Gaza directly, as electricity and internet are limited at the moment, and especially as even more precious needs must be urgently met; water, health, safety, shelter. But, the study we are conducting with Juzoor and KIT will allow us to help people in Gaza and the West Bank, where the need for mental health care will be even higher in the aftermath of the ongoing violence.

However, there are some things that can be done, right now, by supporting our partner Juzoor. They are on the ground and can provide aid directly where it is needed. Juzoor is an organization with a long track record of working together with organizations like the UN, USAID and many more to improve community health, well-being & mental health in Gaza and the West-Bank. Much needed in the current trying circumstances.

That is why we are fundraising with the Inuka Foundation on behalf of our partner Juzoor, to help provide the most basic needs to people in need, offer psychological first aid, mother & child health services and build a mental health support system carried by the community that can last with a trusted partner. We are looking for donations for Juzoor (either via the Inuka foundation or directly to Juzoor). You can donate directly to Juzoor via this link, and contact [email protected] to reach Juzoor directly. Or if you prefer to do so via the Inuka foundation (we ensure that 100% lands directly with Juzoor) please contact us: [email protected]. Juzoor operates with the strictest regard for safety regulations and transparency, and has actual (very experienced) feet on the ground.

Our business community manager Anne Braakman visited the Juzoor team in the West Bank last May. In Anne’s own words: “The dedication of the Juzoor team in providing health services to those that need it, in challenging conditions, is awe-inspiring. Not to mention their warmth and hospitality. They are not only rigorous in their approach, they consider the entire life-cycle in their approach to health. Building structural capacity to care for mothers and children and all that need it.” The picture of this post shows a picture of our Anne and the Juzoor team.

Also, if you know anyone who could unlock emergency funds for people in urgent need, please let us know in the comments or contact Anne or any person at Inuka you know directly, we’ll reach out. And also, if you know an Israeli NGO that is looking for similar support with our innovation, we are very happy to also extend our expertise there too.

We hope you can help right now with humanitarian help for those in Gaza, directly via a trusted partner.

May peace come for everyone soon.

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