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Learn how to keep your employees vital from leaders of these companies: Johnson & Johnson, LeasePlan, InShared (in English only), PWC, WeTransfer and SIG, including two CHRO ‘s of the year.

We explore critical aspects of Well-being leadership, with insights in challenges, current trends & best practices.

These interviews are a spin-off of the recent study by Anoushka Bold – HR strategist and Leadership & Transformation professional. The research is about constructing credible evidence on the effectiveness of mental health interventions in the workplace. Enabled by Inuka Coaching: continuously investing in research to broaden knowledge on effective mental well-being programmes. 

Well-being interview series Inuka Coaching

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Learn from leader of these companies:

Anoushka Bold Inuka Coaching
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Philips, WarChild

Anoushka Bold

“This is no longer about doing ‘something’ on well-being, but getting serious about implementing proven, effective approaches as part of a robust and holistic strategy.”

Anoushka Bold, HR strategist, transformation leader, and newly cum laude researcher on the key insights for being successful in employee well-being.



Tjahny Bercx

“We have a responsibility to help our employees to succeed in the transformation, to help them feel relevant for the future organisation.“

Tjahny Bercx, People & Performance Officer at LeasePLan, on empowering employees to go through change smoothly

Gwen WeTransfer - Inuka Coaching


Gwen Burbidge

“At We Transfer we made a bold move by cancelling the sick leave insurance to invest in prevention.”

Gwen Burbidge, WeTransfer CHRO, on leading employee well-being in the tech industry.

Expected publishing:
November 2022

Audrey Daumain for Inuka Coaching

Audrey Daumain

Audrey Daumain

“How bad does it need to get before you realize that your employees are your biggest asset?”

Audrey Daumain, Real impact Performance Coach on how thorough onboarding can support employees in being succesfull.

Kees de Rijke - Defensie - Inuka Coaching

Ministerie van Defensie

Kees de Rijke

“80% of the employees do 100% of the work right now. Take good care of this 80%! Make sure you spend the 20% you save on vitality programs, relieve their work a bit and offer your people the best, new phone.”

Kees de Rijke, Director Nederlandse Koninklijke Landmacht and HR director of the year 2022 on key succesfactors in employee well-being.


Johnson & Johnson

Sharyn Toner

“Addressing mental health as ‘non-medical’ makes it more accessible for leaders and people to talk about it with their own narrative.”

Sharyn Toner, Wellbeing lead at Johnson & Johnson Netherlands, on how J&J is using data-driven insights to achieve focused impact, how leaders can make a critical difference by incorporating compassion and openness into the culture, and the value of employee resource groups.

Expected publishing:
Q1 of 2023



Suzanne Verzijden

“Leadership plays a crucial role”

Suzanne Verzijden, Chief People & Culture Officer bij SIG Combibloc,on leading employee well-being compassionately

Expected publishing:
Q1 of 2023

Herbert Schilthuis Amsterdam UMC Inuka Coaching

Amsterdam UMC

Herbert Schilthuis

“The biggest challenge in healthcare is the availability of people for the longer term. Focus on mental wellbeing is key in this.”

Herbert Schilthuis, Head of the Occupational Health Department of Amsterdam UMC, on the challenges in employee wellbeing in a complex, hierarchical health care institute.

Expected publishing:
Q1 of 2023

Barbara Stam van InShared - Inuka Coaching

InShared (in English only)

Barbara Stam

“If you start investing real money on vitality, ROI becomes more important."

Barbara Stam, CHRO InShared on defining effectiveness on wellbeing interventions

Rogier Nelissen - Bergman Kliniek - Inuka Coaching
Bergman Clinics logo

Bergman Clinics

Rogier Nelissen

“Today it is vital to assess the impact of financial decisions on employee well being.”

Rogier Nelissen, COO at Bergman Clinics on humbleness in the board room in order to create a compassionate leadershipsteam.

Expected publishing:
Q1 of 2023

Bas Vliegenthart - PWC - Inuka Coaching


Bas Vliegenthart

“At PWC, our decisions about employee well-being are becoming more data-driven.”

Bas Vliegenthart, Wellbeing Lead at PWC, on how PWC bases their interventions on mental health on data.

Expected publishing:
Q1 of 2023

Delia Leitner - Zilveren Kruis - Inuka Coaching

Zilveren Kruis, Nisha Alberts

Dilia Leitner

“Focus on prevention, an insurers perspective.”

Dilia Leitner, Consultant Strategy & Business Development, Sr . Propositions lead at Zileveren Kruis/Achmea

Expected publishing:
Q1 of 2023

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