Prevent stress and burnouts amongst your employees with effective online coaching.

25% of your employees are at risk. We identify this invisible group and make sure that 2 out of 3 become resilient within 4 coaching sessions.

Our results have been published in Cambridge Global Mental Health Journal in 2021.

Currently available in Dutch only

25% of all employees are at risk of significant stress or a burnout and most of these cases are not visible to the organisation at all.


This group is capable of handling challenges on their own, but can still use a coach to improve their performance.

At risk (25%)

These employees are often less productive, more negative, and on average take more sick days.

Danger zone (2%)

The people are closest to experiencing a burn-out.

Inuka's objective:

To identify the at risk group and coach all of them back to being resilient as soon as possible.

With Inuka, your employees can..

Find out how they are áctually doing.


Talk to their own coach, whenever, wherever.


Feel better within just 4 sessions.

Action plan

And your organisation..

...will lower the treshhold for employees to seek help in time.

Inuka Coaching refers employees to both Inuka coaches and existing organizational solutions based on the self- scan results. During the onboarding process Inuka will map out the existing solutions together with HR.

reporting mockup english

...receives valuable insights.

Receive reports with (anonymous) insights about the well-being of your employees and about the important topics* that affect them.

*only if at least 30 employees participate. Privacy is a priority at Inuka Coaching: we are ISO 27001 certified and go beyond what the GDPR asks of us. See our privacy policy here.

...keeps talent on board with Inuka Coaching.

Employees are leaving companies more quickly than ever before, with stress as one of the main reasons. Prevent your talent from quitting. Offer them continuous support with Inuka Coaching.

Why Inuka works..


Employees have access to anonymous coaching, anytime and anywhere.

Employees like to use Inuka Coaching because it is anonymous, they quickly gain insight and experience results, and because the scan and coaching are accessible anywhere, anytime.

Proven method

Our coaching method is scientifically proven and shows strong results with all of our clients.

At Inuka Coaching we focus on preventing burnouts and dropouts by making employees more resilient. 2 out of 3 of these "at-risk employees" are no longer at significant risk within 4 Inuka coaching sessions.


Inuka Coaching equals lower costs and a high ROI.

We always make a business case for management based on the Inuka results. Don't just prevent burnouts (which cost an average of € 60,000 per year per employee) - but also ensure more happy, healthy and productive employees!

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How we collaborate with our clients

Employees who experience a lot of stress and may even be at risk of burnout or leaving the company, often do not realize this themselves. Their mental state is therefore not only invisible to you as an employer, but often also to themselves. That’s one of the reasons why they do not seek help. And that is a big risk for your organization. It is important that employees know when they are not feeling well and where they can seek help immediately. Anonymously, without any delay or complexity. And we help them with that. Our coaches are available within 48 hours.

We activate your employees through awareness sessions such as online webinars and quizes about wellbeing, Inuka Coaching, and productivity and vitality tips. In this way, together we ensure that your employees really will feel better with Inuka Coaching. 

This is what the onboarding process looks like: 

  1. Preparations with HR (60 minutes)

We show you the set of presentations we have created for you and also our introductory material. If you want to adjust something to your situation, that is certainly possible. After that we will plan the activation of management and employees. Finally, we will make an overview of your current wellness solutions that our Inuka coaches can refer to. 

  1. Management onboarding (15-60 minutes)

Managers test the presentation and approach for their own department. In addition, managers can – if they wish – follow a short professional empathy training, so that it is easier for them to have conversations with the employees of their team. It’s important that management is on board regarding our coaching solution. Management should have the role of ambassador and underscore the important of mental wellbeing in the organization.

  1. Roll out to employees (5-30 minutes)

We provide activations for the employees per department. The duration of these presentations can be adjusted to suit your organization. For example, you can present this activation briefly (5 minutes) during a larger company meeting, but you can also choose to activate your employees by means of a wellbeing pub quiz. Fun and effective! 

After a good onboarding, your employees start doing the self-scan. They find out if they are resilient or maybe in the at-risk group or even in danger zone. In all 3 cases, they can use our Inuka Coaching wherever and whenever they want. Very accessible and anonymous. The empathetic coaches will help your employees to make an actionplan, so that they know which short, but powerful steps they can take to feel better. This is how you get resilient employees. 

As a manager, you want to know what is going on within your team or organization. That’s why you get your own dashboard. There you can quickly see for example how many employees make use of the self-scan and the coaching, but also how that percentage compares to the results of similar organizations. What percentage of your employees are at risk of burnout or dropout? Which themes cause stress in your organization? The answers to these questions can all be found on your own dashboard. 

An Inuka Coaching program costs €295 per employee for 4 sessions or €395 per employee for an unlimited number of sessions per year.

In addition, we offer three service levels (silver, gold, and platinum) from which the organization can choose. In this extra service we train people in sessions on how to deal with stress, the importance of mental health, we organize interactive quizzes and we activate them to seek help earlier. If desired, employees can book an Inuka Coach after such sessions. The more employees participate, the better the result for your organization.

Depending on the chosen service level, you pay a fee for the platform and the Inuka services. We are happy to explain this during a conversation.

Inuka Coaching is different from other solutions because: 

Measurable results: 
Inuka Coaching delivers measurable results with deep insights into your organization. 

Scientifically proven: 
Inuka’s coaching is based on the scientifically proven Inuka Method. With this method, 65% of employees go from “at risk of burnout and dropout” back to “resilient” within 4 sessions. 

Low-threshold and accessible: 
Inuka Coaching is online and therefore accessible and accessible to all layers & parts within an organization. 

Employees can do the coaching completely anonymously. They are then more willing to list things that are going on in their lives and to actually take action.

We refer to other solutions that have already been implemented within your organization. 

Personal activation and onboarding: 
Personal service in the context of onboarding and activation for managers and employees, but also unlimited access to newsletters, fun activation sessions and awareness sessions.

Good ROI. 
Inuka Coaching is viable. We always make a business case for management based on the Inuka results. Not only prevent burnouts (which costs an average of €60,000 per year) – but also ensure more happy, healthy employees! 

Most organizations we work with have existing providers on board, such as an EAP program, company doctor, mindfulness apps, in-house coaches and different trainings & workshops. Inuka is designed to ensure optimal usage of those providers, by referring employees to the various options based on the self-scan results. During the onboarding we map out how you are working together with the existing providers, and together with you decide which people we refer where based on the self-scan. And of course, if needed we also call with the providers to ensure all runs smoothly. This way Inuka functions as a sort of ‘first line of care’ that creates awareness and better use of your company’s solutions.

Last but not least..

Why now is the time.

Our society is causing more and more stress and anxiety in all of us. As a result, many employees are unhappy and less productive. The majority never seeks help, despite the fact that there is often a lot of support available from within the organization. Most organizations ignore these employees because they are often difficult to reach. Employees who do not seek help cost money and time. This must change.

We are a social enterprise!

>10% of our profit goes to the Inuka foundation

Everyone at Inuka Coaching works with a lot of passion to make an impact. Not just for those who can afford it. Via our foundation, we help people with their mental care in developing areas. These are the countries where we are currently making Inuka Coaching available for free: 

  • Zimbabwe
  • Palestinian Territories
  • Uganda
  • Kenya 

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About the self-scan

20 questions (based on the worldwide known and proven SRQ-20 method) to find out if someone is resilient or at risk. This scan contains questions about physical health, emotional status, meaning, and energy level.

This method has been used since 1983 and was extensively developed and validated by the WHO (division of mental health) in 1994. Inuka uses a modernized version of this scan. 

About our coaching

Quick and sustainable results

Together with our coaches, the employees quickly map out what is going on and make a concrete plan to tackle the situation.
  • Book a coach right away;
  • Video calling or chat;
  • The first session within 48 hours;
  • Coaching In 6+ languages including English, Dutch, German, Hindi & French;
  • Our coaches are empathetic people with a warm character;
  • 2 out of 3 “at-risk” employees become “resilient” within 4 coaching sessions;
  • Our results have been published in the Cambridge Global Mental Health Journal, 2021.

200+ hours of training

All our coaches have received at least 200 hours of training in the scientifically proven Inuka Method and are trained by our expert psychologists and coaches.

About the action plan

An action plan ensures that employees know how to feel better in short and powerful steps.
  • An employee leaves each coaching session with a personal action plan, so that they know how to feel better step by step.
  • The trick is to break big problems into small pieces, and thus make all challenges manageable by taking small steps.
  • This action plan is mainly there to remind you which actions you are going to take and when.  This way you give your new behavioral patterns a nice kickstart..
  • In the follow-up session, you and your coach will review the action plan and see if it is going well, until you are really feeling better again, with measurable results.

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