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For the duration of COVID-19 we are offering pay-what-you-can options.

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Your coach is trained, certified & supervised by a team of world-leading therapists & psychiatrists.

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*Inuka coaches are certified and supervised by a team of therapists and psychiatrists in the InukaMethod.  Rest assured, conversations are 100% confidential  and discreet

Feel better. Really!

Get the guidance and encouragement you need to manage your daily life and feel back in control.

Most people feel better within 4 sessions.*

*Based on scientific pilot of 60 users at risk or in a tough place: 82% got back to resilience within 4 InukaMethod™ sessions. Inuka coaches use our coaching method grounded in problem solving therapy, that has shown to be effective for a wide range of issues, from depression, anxiety, sleep to trauma.


“This is a perfect way of really getting guidance on a problem. Very good way to engage in a non face to face chat format. I am really glad this is happening and I got help. Can’t wait for the net session.“


“I was surprised how easy it was to ‘talk’ through a chat, coach Hannah helped by explaining all the time very clearly what she was doing and why she was asking specific questions.”

– LM


“I keep returning to Inuka for its approachability and accessibility for mental support. I found a coach with whom I really found a click, it really feels he can understand me on a personal level and can coach me in a, for me important, informal way!”


Real people, trained and certified by a team of therapists.


Trained and overseen by psychologist Inuka co-founder Prof. Dr. Chibanda and his team.


All Inuka coaches are certified in the InukaMethod™, an evidence-based method rooted in over 10 years of research.

*The method is based on the Friendship Bench, an approach that serves 150.000 people a year and is rooted in over 10 years of research. Based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) principles, our research has consistently shown that simple CBT therapy techniques can be used to treat anxiety and depression. (JAMA, 2017). 


Our coaches come from diverse backgrounds and can relate to your challenges.

Want to become a certified coach with Inuka? 

COVID-19 has changed our lives abruptly, causing uncertainty and emotional upheaval. 

We help you focus on what you can influence.

¨Sometimes you just need a moment to reflect, and someone to reflect with, and who makes it insightful, everything that's in your head.¨
- HR manager, after an Inuka session

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*Inuka coaches are certified and supervised by a team of therapists and psychiatrists in the InukaMethod.  Rest assured, conversations are 100% confidential  and discreet

You are not alone.

Join our #ConnectForReal community.

COVID-19 is affecting all of us. Grow your support network and connect with Inuka coaches and others in our Facebook group. 

We also  invite you to share your struggles, challenges and uplifting stories via the #ConnectForReal hashtag.

We are on a mission to make effective mental health care accessible to everyone.

Co-founder Robin van Dalen teamed up with globally recognized psychologist Prof Dr. Chibanda in 2016 to develop a digital mental health care service rooted in science and based in empathy. 

Inuka offers text-based mental health care coaching by real people certified in the InukaMethod™, a proven solution oriented coaching method grounded in problem-solving therapy and developed by Prof Dr. Chibanda. The method, helps 150.000 people each year with problems including depression, anxiety, trauma, coping with chronic illness or trauma and work stress. 

As a social enterprise, 10% of all proceeds go to the Inuka Foundation. The foundation together with the Friendship Bench has launched a pay-what-you-can campaign to make mental health support available to all during the COVID-19 crisis. 

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Inuka is delighted to have been awarded 2nd best Global HR innovation of 2023 by SHRM, the world’s largest body of HR professionals! We're thrilled to be the first Bcorp to reach the finals.

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