About our academy & coaches.

Learn more about our coaches, their passion to help others, our inuka academy training & coach quality system - and how this results in real, lasting results.

Inuka academy

The journey from motivated, empathic person to experienced Inuka coach.

Inuka Academy - steps explained:

Training - Get started as a highly motivated, empathic human

We don't know wether it's our brand values or the way our blob smiles, but almost all people applying for coaching positions at Inuka are very kind, motivated and emphatic humans that have a genuine passion for helping others.


First we diligently screen people and look for the Inuka match.


The solid training program will show if the match is strong.


Fast but intensive practice period with real people, under guidance by our experts.


The exam with a therapist and expert coach ensures all Inuka coach elements are applied. 

Start coaching at Inuka

Every Inuka coach has passed our strict quality expectiations. After the coaches passes the training and exam, the coach will start as an official Inuka Coaching method coach on the platform, under close guidance of our expert team.

Newbie period

After an Inuka coach has passed the training and examinations, they first will pass through a newbie period. During this period they get feedback from our expert team on all the coaching sessions they do until the team is 100% sure that the coach stays at the required high skill level the coach demonstrated during the training and examination. Then the coach graduates as an experienced Inuka coach. The Inuka coach journey does not end there as they will remain within the Inuka Academy as long as they coach with Inuka. 

Experienced Inuka Coach

Experienced Inuka coaches have passed the Inuka academy’s screening, examination and newbie period and milestones. But the journey does not end here. All Inuka Coaches are part of the Inuka Academy Coach Quality System as long as they do coaching under the Inuka name. This means solid quality checks, continuous learning and feedback processes and being accountable for delivering actual, measurable outcomes for clients. 

Inuka Academy Coach Quality System

At Inuka, consistent quality is key to everything we do. Our quality system is designed to ensure that all our coaches are of the top-notch quality you, they and us expect, and can deliver on our promise to feel better in short, powerful steps. Some elements of the system are: 

  • Regular feedback moments, refresher and update trainings by experts for all our coaches to ensure the quality stays top-notch and we incorporate the latest learnings from the field
  • Build-in coach toolbox with script, tips & action plan to fill out every session to support the coach in providing best possible support, learning from the best
  • Extra support for difficult clients – with our self-scan intake (which is a validated scientific intake questionnaire) the inuka system identifies high-risk clients, which results in extra quality checks, support & referral if needed
  • Expert-facilitated coach peer support groups help coaches to learn from eachother and stay mentally fit themselves
  • Star ratings and user flags alert supercoaches and expert team on performance issues
  • Action plan for fidelity: every session coaches aim to complete an action plan with a client to ensure actionable & powerful results and fidelity of the proven coaching method
  • Random, regular sampling of sessions where our team of experts rate sessions and give feedback 
  • Self-scan results over time measures impact of coach with a validated scientific questionnaire 

Our team of experts we work with to ensure consistent quality

Our coaching academy is led by psychiatrist Prof. Dixon Chibanda, M.D., as the head of coach quality and research. He works closely with the team of clinical psychologists and experienced ‘super’ coaches in the local countries and our head of coaching, Shruthi Abirami, who is a clinical psychologist & experienced ICF-certified coach.

Prof. Dr. Chibanda

Head coach quality & research
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Daphne Kanner

Quality advisor
Daphne Kanner
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Shruthi Abirami

Chief of coaching
Shruti Inuka coach 1
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Local Coach Quality teams

  • Licensed therapist with 10+ years of experience
  • Certified Inuka ‘Super’ coach with > 200 coaching hours experience 
  • Researcher with PhD degree

Inuka Coaching - top-quality coaching accesible for everyone

Our mission is to make top-quality coaching accessible to everyone. The problem we try to solve is that there is often no clear standard on what good quality coaching means in practice. There are clear and good coaching standards, but how this is translated to practice is up to individuals and everyone can call themselves a coach. Also, there is almost no scientifically published literature on coaching results. Therefore, our aim is to contribute to developing a top-quality coaching standard with actual, measurable results. This is a long journey we cannot and do not want to do alone, so we work together with recognized institutions, coaches, professionals and scientists. 

ISO Certifications

Inuka is ISO27001 certified, and in the process of becoming ISO90001 certified. Both are globally recognized quality standards. 

Publish results

Our results are published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. We are committed to continuously publish our learnings. 


Inuka works with experts from different fields: psychology, coaching, medical science, data-science, privacy and others. 


We are in the process to get our coach training program ICF (International Coach Federation) certified. 

Digital platform

The digital platform allows us to track and measure results the coaching has. In an affordable, scalable way. 

Social Impact Driven

Our primary goal is impact. Inuka Foundation makes Inuka accesible for free to vulnerable populations – with the same quality standard.  

"Our vision is that a new global standard of high quality coaching with measurable outcomes becomes accessible for everyone. Inuka Coaching aims to play a leading role in creating and executing this standard"
Robin van Dalen
CEO @ Inuka Coaching

Join us!

We are looking forward to welcoming you in our team!

Meet some of our Certified Inuka Method coaches

As Inuka is growing fast we are adding coaches to our coach poule regularly so the below list is far from exhaustive. We are also proud that many of our core operational team – including our CEO Robin, our COO Stephan and Chief Coach Quality Prof. Dixon Chibanda – are also coaches on our platform. We believe that this is important to stay close to the people we are helping to grow as well as our coaches.

Learn more on how Inuka works.

Self scan

A 5 minute, scientifically and WHO validated questionnaire to give insight, connect to the right help and track progress.

Coaching method

Grounded in the best science out there and best described as simple, practical, and results driven. Discover our 3-step approach here.

Results & evidence

The Inuka Coaching method is grounded in science. Everything we do, we measure, analyse and improve.

Coaches & coaching academy

Learn more about our coaches, their passion to help others, our inuka academy training & quality control system - and how this results in real, lasting results.

Activation & implementation

Inuka’s aim is to reach the ~25% of employees that are struggling but not yet sick. To reach them in time, we have developed a set of science-based (and fun!) interventions.

Do you have a question? Ask Shruti or Tania.

Shruthi Abirami

Chief of coaching
Shruti Inuka coach 1
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Tania Stout

Supercoach (NL)
tania stout
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  • De Zorgcirkel
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  • How Inuka’s coaching helped
  • The experience of a healthcare worker
  • Themes that play a role in healthcare professionals
  • The most important lesson
  • Top 3 tips for HR managers in healthcare
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