Inuka Coach


woman smiling long hair

Hi! Where are you from?

the Netherlands

What languages do you coach in?

Dutch & English

Why did you decide to become an Inuka coach?

I would like to help other with finding the balance in their lives. I know how nice it is to have a listening ear to turn to and I like to be this for others who need it.

What do you do to take care of your own wellbeing?

I have so many interests that there’s always something that suits my mood: dancing arouond, yoga, reading, being creative, hiking or just a firm hug!

Do you want to share something about you?

I am always curious about everything surrounding me and am a bit of a sustainability nerd. I think it’s a very important topic for us globally, but also very important to have a sustainable relationship with yourself.

"The Inuka team is genuinely interested in real impact, not just to sell their product."

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