Inuka Coach


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Hi! Where are you from?

South Africa

What languages do you coach in?

Dutch, English

Why did you decide to become an Inuka coach?

Coaching has a strong component of empathy and conversation skills, which I want to practice by becoming an Inuka coach and which I think everyone should learn and improve on. I also enjoy helping people – it is very fulfilling.

What do you do to take care of your own wellbeing?

Practice mindfulness, gratefulness, sufficient sleep. I enjoy sports and do that regularly, and seek out people and activities that give me energy. I accept I am not perfect and that life is a struggle sometimes. I seek to be my own best friend and allow myself to be learning. I consciously enjoy small moments of bliss.

Do you want to share something about you?

I have helped build up the English improv theater community in Eindhoven, and can highly recommend improv theater to anyone: it’s fun, forces you to let go, accept, trust, work with others and be in the moment.

"The Inuka team is genuinely interested in real impact, not just to sell their product."

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