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A social enterprise on a mission to make wellbeing accessible for everyone


We are on a mission to make wellbeing accessible to everyone.

We're on a mission to set a new global standard for coaching, by combining the power of science and human empathy. We empower emphatic humans with a proven coaching method to improve the wellbeing of people facing challenges in life. We strive to make this accessible to all, regardless of wealth, place of birth, or type of challenge they may face.


Inuka dreams of a world in which life's challenges are seen as an opportunity for personal growth and connection.

“Imagine if we all see mental health like our physical health: just like a gym is good for both your health AND your self-esteem, working on your mental health is good for both your health AND your personal development. We hope there comes a time where we all regularly work on our mental health – and be proud of it.

By changing the way we think and behave through solid behaviour change coaching – whether it is to quit smoking, exercise more, or handle life’s challenges better – we can build together a healthier and happier society. Therefore, we are part of the movement to make positive health and sustainable employability a reality that is affordable and accessible for everyone.

 – CEO & Co-founder Inuka, Robin van Dalen

Who we help

Inuka for businesses: The engine for all our Impact

We support employee wellbeing via a simple, cost-effective digital coaching solution that empowers behavioral change. Using our proven Inuka Method, which combines 1-on-1 coaching sessions with wellbeing scans to track progress, most employees see measurable results within 4 sessions.  We offer additional services through the Inuka Academy, which provides empathy and resilience building workshops as well as the rigorous 100+ hour training all of our coaches must go through to become certified in our proven method. 

Inuka foundation: making mental support accessible to the most vulnerable

Reaching vulnerable groups with limited access to support is essential to our mission and vision. The Inuka Foundation owns 15% of our Inuka company. Their proceeds go towards providing Inuka’s service for free to those most vulnerable, currently in Zimbabwe and in Kenya.

The Foundation’s main partner is The Friendship Bench. We are interested in further partnering with other organizations throughout the world who share our vision. During COVID-19, the Foundation is also supporting pay-what-you-can individual sessions globally, within its capacity.

Meet our partners

Double your impact with our buy 1, get 1 program

Every company-funded program, ensures 1 distressed person in Zimbabwe gets the mental support they need, for free. No empty promises here: we hard-wired this into our DNA as Inuka Foundation has 15% ownership over Inuka!

"The Inuka team is genuinely interested in real impact, not just to sell their product."

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